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Business Overview

mobile app for tracking fleet operations, fuel, logistics and transport

Business Overview

The client has a platform to manage transport operations related to fuel consumption. It helps companies track costs and plan routes based on changing fuel prices, which significantly impacts lower costs. The idea was to create a brand-new way for drivers and logistics companies to save resources like time and money.

The client selected NIX as a reliable tech expert to implement the idea and create an application. 

Project Scope

To turn their bright business idea into reality the NIX team had the following scope: 


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Ensure integration with fuel and logistics companies to provide wide functionality coverage

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Implement the IFSF data exchange protocol so that devices from different integrators can communicate without having to redevelop interfaces

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Guarantee proper high-load data storage and application speed considering the large audience

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Adopt local payment systems for quick and easy transactions


Android and iOS apps for drivers that allow refueling at certain gas stations using the payment system in the app. It’s useful for companies engaged in logistics and transport organizations with the possibility of assigning routes for truck drivers and managing fuel limits. The aim is to control fuel consumption and to ensure that the driver is refueled at partner stations.

Fraud minimization

Quick and easy assigning drivers to specific vehicles

Fueling limit management

Real-time operations management

Partnership and synergy among fuel providers

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The payment application for all users to fuel at gas stations. 

Special discounts and offers

Map with refueling locations

Displaying the user limit during transaction processing

Multiple fuel providers

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The client received an innovative payment solution that contributes to increasing their market share and acquiring a vast client base with two user-friendly applications for iOS and Android. 

It provides cashless transactions, meets the highest security standards, and helps logistics companies to track costs spent on fuel and build more optimal driver routes.

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9 experts (Project Manager, QA Engineer, 2 Android Developers, 2 iOS Developers, 2 Backend Developers, Frontend Developer)

Tech Stack:

Kotlin, Swift, Angular, PHP, Symfony

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