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  • Third-party integration

    Maintain integration and interaction of the system with the third-party APIs of partners and ensure stable performance.

  • High-load

    Ensure the system’s high load and integrate it with the mobile application.

  • System’s structurization

    Adaptation of the partner systems structures and the cycle of the existing platform providing proper statistics and reporting.


Agile web service

The NIX team applied a lot of asynchronous/background processes to ensure high-efficient performance.

The project is extensive, and the entire development team is diverse, so it was necessary to make precise corrections. A large number of unit and integration tests helped us to achieve great results.

The developed web service has a particular user’s flow:

  • Drop a pin on the map or type in your address.

  • Choose a restaurant available in your area.

  • Add everything you like to the shopping cart.

  • Place an order and track it on the map.

  • Receive your order and enjoy the meal.


High-impact online delivery service

The client received a highly-efficient web service that allows ordering food from a favorite cafe or restaurant.

Now the NIX team is working on improving the existing service and developing a separate one that will perform integration tasks in isolation from the main functionality.

  • Team: 9

    Project Manager, QA Engineer, 7 Back-end Developers
  • Techstack:

    PHP 7.1, Symfony 3.3, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, Elasticsearch

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