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A great diversity of business challenges, multitasking, and workflow flexibility have become the norm for today’s project management. That’s why up-to-date, tech-savvy companies should think about extra solutions to facilitate and streamline task management. Such solutions may collect a range of features and software capacities that simplify business arrangement and guarantee high-quality service provision. 

Today, to address the matter, companies find a perfect solution in cloud-based ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow ITSM. We use it as a reference solution to highlight the ultimate benefits of ITSM for businesses.

What’s ServiceNow ITSM All About?

Let’s start by outlining ServiceNow ITSM’s nature. ITSM, or IT Service Management, is a module on the ServiceNow platform that provides practical ways to arrange, control, and deliver services to clients while boosting workflow productivity and meeting growing user needs. ITSM is a key bottom line for the venture’s digital transformation that improves service provision UX via built-in AI-powered automation.

The major functionality of ITSM includes:

  • Facilitating service experience by automating routine day-to-day interactions and accelerating issue resolution on important tasks.
  • Incorporating IT services instead of applying several tools and platforms to arrange workflows. With a single, strong service, you’ll be able to distribute your resources wisely and monitor working task performance.
  • Refining workflow efficiency with the help of chatbots and machine learning. With chatbots, you get automated issue resolution based on previously processed cases.
  • Increase productivity via the mobile functionality of the ITSM mobile agent, which allows one to view and react to the assigned tasks instantly, manage and control project fulfillment, and approve task changes and completion in real time.

ITSM relates closely to ITIL and DevOps frameworks, while each of them facilitates efficient cooperation and process control. 

ServiceNow ITSM streamlines IT management by concentrating on client requests. The system promotes workflow productivity and facilitates user satisfaction by experiencing a particular service.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the ITSM’s tools package to tune up services and operations. It provides a framework for organizations to upgrade their service management, mitigate risks, and avoid potential failures. Overall, ITIL stands for service strategy, design, operation, transition, and improvement.

Development & Operations (DevOps) is responsible for better communication between development and operations teams in the organization. It includes integration, delivery, and deployment tools to accelerate implementation change and improvements in the system.

ServiceNow ITSM Licenses to Sky-Rocket Your Business Progress

Nowadays, every IT company should keep track of the rapidly changing digital industry by satisfying client needs and meeting the field’s demands to stay competitive and even outrun the competition. It’s important to know how to solve challenges at a glance, be flexible, and be able to adapt to any innovations. 

And advanced ServiceNow ITSM Pro modules are just the thing to boost your venture’s general rates of success. Besides ITSM Standard, using licenses like ServiceNow ITSM Pro, Pro+, and Enterprise will drive your corporate strategy to a higher level and boost your ROI greatly.

  • ServiceNow ITSM Pro provides features for preparing detailed analytics, applying virtual agents with Natural Language Understanding (NLU)—which enables you to solve IT tasks without language barriers—dynamic translation—predictive intelligence function based on machine learning to perform work tasks at lightning speed—and other effective options that optimize your performance.
  • ServiceNow ITSM Enterprise also strives to make IT services more automated and highly accurate by meeting real-time service requirements. It enables the smooth application of workforce and process optimization, i.e., resolving any matters that occur during work duty fulfillment and outlining efficient ways to manage business processes. With the ServiceNow ITSM Enterprise option, you’ll support your employees by estimating each member’s performance and promoting their career growth, so you’ll gain a better balance of professional skills thanks to useful coaching and control.

The Mission of ServiceNow ITSM: What Benefits to Expect

ServiceNow ITSM example

ServiceNow ITSM services assist in efficiently tackling the existing challenges in project management, coordinating all processes, and at the same time, bringing value to users and meeting their growing needs.

According to the software specialists at NIX United who have experienced ServiceNow advantages firsthand, ITSM coordinates smooth connections between service providers and end consumers by ensuring the following benefits:

  • Fostering business flexibility via rapid adaptation to possible changes and innovations in the industry
  • Saving costs with all the managing tools available in one service
  • Lowering the percentage of IT issues and stabilizing working processes
  • Promoting rates of client satisfaction
  • Better productivity of processes involved in the execution of the specific task
  • Quick issue resolution without interrupting the workflow
  • Accessibility from multiple devices with no distraction from the process
  • Clear understanding of the solution of the ongoing tasks: who’s responsible for performing a particular task, what are the task’s specifications, etc.
  • High-quality workflow alignment
  • Process automation via reducing manual performance

For business owners, ServiceNow ITSM is an innovative full-scale platform that promotes automation of working processes and customer services, adjusting common ground inside the departments and between its members, and providing consistent insights into the IT infrastructure.

The SaaS platform foundation grants a flexible cloud-based infrastructure consisting of the Nonstop Cloud, the Now Platform, and Cloud Services:

  1. Nonstop Cloud is focused on meeting user-centric needs by providing a secure space to store and organize user data with restricted offline access.
  2. The Now Platform is useful for crafting applications to facilitate particular activities, speed up task execution, and boost the company’s efficiency.
  3. Cloud Services contain IT, customer service, HR, safety, and enterprise apps that form stable business functionality and ensure their mutual interconnection.

With the help of these and other modules, the ServiceNow platform allows specialists outside of the tech industry to create an app without coding. It also provides proper solutions to craft the best application to fit your business goals. Concerning IT, it helps to solve any issue quickly, in real-time, and remotely. It can be an online chat an employee can implement to get in touch with the relevant specialist.

Additionally, an employee can find suitable information about HR performance to monitor the pool of duties that require HR involvement. What’s more, you’ll get better client engagement, and business owners will also be more involved in this process by concentrating on the issue’s cause first. 

ServiceNow ITSM Module for Brokerage Firm

Choosing Best Options for Great Business Profit: ServiceNow ITSM Modules Review 

ServiceNow ITSM example
  1. The Common Service Data Model (CSDM) module helps manage and model data that tunes up business plans and applied technology. It also gathers app and service data from various sources to keep it in one place and connects CMDBs to various services, helping to boost reporting accuracy and platform maturity.
  2. Change and Release Management tools provide an analytical system to present the entire workflow performance and its planning board and prevent risky changes. They allow automation of risk assessment, conflict detection, and low-risk change approvals to ultimately centralize and speed up change management.
  3. The Service Level Management (SLM) module helps to better meet time and quality expectations by tracking and documenting all ongoing service commitments, visualizing organizational performance metrics, and spotting service patterns to timely prevent potential issues.
  4. The Configuration Management Database is accessible, cloud-powered, centralized IT service and infrastructure storage that grants seamless connections between various applications. Centralization of the whole IT value stream allows the boosting of compliance, better managing assets, pinpointing service outages, and assessing the effects of different changes.
  5. The Incident Management module enables accessible problem-solving collaborations in one place, where users get notified according to their resolution group, while integrated NLU-enabled virtual agents and self-service capacities autonomously minimize incidents and power comprehensive chatbots.
  6. The Request Management module helps to provide native mobile experiences personalized to users’ tastes through service-boosting automated workflows, timely status updates, and a range of self-service capabilities that make request services ultimately flexible.

ServiceNow ITSM Pro Modules

A number of ServiceNow ITSM Pro modules offer capacities that are slightly further expanded compared to available out-of-the-box modules.

  1. The Continual Improvement Management module provides valuable insights that enable actionable improvements and allows the setting of tracked goals using a comprehensive all-in-one dashboard with quantifiable visualizations and handy summaries.
  2. The Performance Analytics module is a powerful tool for gaining real-time business performance insights to anticipate relevant trends, detect service bottlenecks, and pinpoint areas where self-service and workflow automation are needed the most.
  3. The Predictive Intelligence module is an advanced tool powered by machine learning that helps handle complex requests and tasks by categorizing, prioritizing, and routing issues automatically across dedicated virtual agents, speeding up error resolution dramatically.
  4. The Agent Workspace module allows one to set agents to process multiple issues at once, get useful ML-powered recommendations, identify potential incidents and issues via proactive AI, and gain better transparency of all relevant bottlenecks and problems.

Additional Options from ServiceNow ITSM to Upgrade Your IT Venture

On top of basic ServiceNow ITSM features, users can tweak and expand ServiceNow capacities through customization and configuration. Either approach can bring different results. How does this work in practice? Let’s explore how out-of-the-box ServiceNow specifications can be expanded based on a use case of a trusted software engineering partner of NIX United.


ServiceNow customization is a process of reworking the default features of the software at the base code level by adding customized elements to make its functionality fit your workflow processes. As usual, programmers use style sheet languages like HTML, CSS, and Angular combined with the ServiceNow application programming interface to get access to the platform data. 

Experts can add some code to the existing one to tailor the UX interface that will look more fitting for your workflow. Generally, customization enables the creation of tailored software by changing the default version of the ServiceNow platform. 

However, there may be some issues, such as bugs occurring in the program code and limited access to other perks of the ServiceNow software due to the implemented changes. It’s also necessary to mention that custom development can be quite costly. A business owner needs to hire a professional developer who will write new code from scratch. Moreover, it should be performed regularly to update services for the audience and meet the ongoing changes on the spot.


ServiceNow configuration doesn’t require great changes to the initial program code and has a high level of alignment with the current software functionality, meeting user demands. There’s no need to rewrite ServiceNow code to add form layout, UX interface, notifications, plugins, and so on. The advantage of configuration is its time-saving option: a developer only needs to make slight setting changes to upgrade the platform’s capabilities. The only thing that requires time is regression testing of the implemented features to know whether everything operates as you planned.

What option is better? Despite all pros and cons, a business owner should consult with a professional programmer who will say what approach will get the most out of the ServiceNow architecture functionality. Although, if you have a large enterprise or a specialized venture, and the default program functionality isn’t enough to maintain the entire workflow, then choose the ServiceNow customization option.

Open up ServiceNow ITSM Architecture: Conduct Business Reporting Smoothly

Running a business always deals with conducting reports to track the enterprise’s activity, assessing its productivity, optimizing overall workflows, and preventing risks. Efficient reporting is about extracting and collecting a large pile of data about internal processes in the company and delivering it in a comprehensive form. It’s vital to guarantee data reporting safety to avoid any fraud and risks. Generating precise reports requires skilled professionals or specialized services to prepare them without hassle.

That’s why ServiceNow reporting is perfect for executing analytics and following proper metrics. With this tool, you’ll manage to perform such functions as:

  1. Provision of IT infrastructure with detailed visualization of how the IT department copes with its duties, i.e., service delivery, first response time, disruptions, downtime, service level agreement, etc. This helps monitor workload and facilitate workflow efficiency.
  2. Detecting resource consumption. This is an essential element that controls a company’s budget and expenses. It helps to define whether departments adhere to the agreed budget and solve issues with budget overflow.
  3. Employees’ performance. You’ll find out the inner problems in the company and what exact team or worker has weak productivity. It’s also a good chance to outline user satisfaction rates and fix any problems related to IT support.

Why is the ServiceNow Reporting tool worth attention? It enables us to craft comprehensive reports without searching for the needed data across numerous sources, because all information is already collected in one place. The platform can generate reports automatically, presenting updated data and, moreover, keeping information secure since only assigned individuals can have access to it to edit and arrange it according to the instructions.


Running any project and building a proper business plan is impossible without a trusted IT solution and automation platform or cloud program. Being a multi-tasking and all-inclusive solution, ServiceNow ITSM offers companies worthy opportunities to achieve the next level of process automation and compliance with client needs.

With well-thought-out ServiceNow ITSM modules, a custom solution may provide individual disruptive benefits, in particular, enabling one to:

  • Provide integrated management for business challenges
  • Get solid working capacity and flexibility to promote considerable growth
  • Tackle risks, plan budget strategies, and predict and mitigate threats
  • Facilitate relationships with clients with the help of growing interaction
  • Gain higher internal & external collaboration and further increasing efficiency

ServiceNow ITSM Pro, Pro+, and Enterprise licenses make it ultimately easier to automate process flow, use data from everyday tasks, benefit from smooth communication between enterprise departments, and, as a result, conduct a comprehensive report on a company’s progress.

Eugene Stepchenkov
Eugene Stepchenkov Business Process Automation Consultant

Eugene has more than 5 years of experience in business development and practice with ServiceNow and Salesforce software. This allows him to provide professional consulting, bringing clients real business value such as helping them integrate digital workforce solutions to improve planning and employee productivity, and redirecting investments into business scaling initiatives.


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