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QA Testing Services to Ensure Top-Quality Products

The satisfaction of the end-user leads to a key product position on the market. To obtain that, everyone from disruptive startups to Fortune 500 companies seeks complete and stable solutions. Quality assurance stands for gaining the exceptional quality of your software that in turn provides customer satisfaction.

NIX has synergized expertise around business and tech domains, providing industry-leading services since 1994. Our well-versed team in all QA activities consists of 500+ bright tech engineers with more than 1000 QA projects under the belt.

Underpinned by our years of experience and industry best practices, we got your testing covered. The most-fitted solutions for you to consider — either a manual software testing service to establish flawless app or an automation one for constantly evolving complex software systems, or any other testing services like functionality, performance, UI/UX, system and infrastructure security, etc. We’ll take care of the quality!

NIX QA Solutions Include

  • Full-cycle testing

  • Team-as-a-Service

  • QA consulting

Full cycle testing covers the core stages of development—starting from requirements-based testing at the software design stage all the way up to final testing at deployment.

Our QA and testing teams guarantee thorough quality control and provide stable smooth operation of your product, making the user’s entire app journey trouble-free.

Provide your project with an external QA talent team to obtain viable software testing services. In our joint cooperation we will enhance your team with the right tech expertise or force—just state your needs.

This approach has proven very effective for mid-and long-term projects to ultimately boost the efficiency of QA processes in terms of speed and expertise.

QA consulting services allow creating definite processes and standards or discovering how rigorous your existing QA process is. Backed up by thorough analysis, our QA consulting experts help you identify the root causes of your quality issues.

Create a tailored testing strategy, or improve your existing QA processes, minimize risks, and increase the efficiency of your testing procedures.

Quality Assurance Capabilities

Combining manual and automated testing experience, NIX brings a range of testing for your particular needs. The latest tech, best practices, and experience empower us to deliver high-quality software for you that performs at its highest peak. Therefore, you get increased reliability, sped-up processes, enhanced security, and ultimately, satisfied end-users.

QA Manual

Our experts will help you identify defects in the system to make the system comply with requirements ultimately. We ensure a high level of product quality, using specialized skills and a deep understanding of the software requirements. Backed bone with QA management, customized test plans, and thorough budget — you also get a fully covered strategy.

QA Automation

Based on your needs, we design a test strategy to cover your product to perform appropriately. To boost development, we embed CI/CD processes with test automation that runs whenever there is a new change. This helps you deliver new features to users efficiently and faster, and along the way become confident about system quality and integrity.

Security Testing

To avoid bad users’ experience, negative branding and legal repercussions, NIX experts uncover vulnerabilities in your software and prevent malicious attacks and unauthorized access by intruders. Whether you have a new product or an existing one, a security audit will help uncover all potential security threats.

Technology Stack

To provide our clients with perfectly-suited solutions, we work with ever-growing tools and use industry-best practices. Besides empowering software quality assurance testing services, NIX company engineers pay close attention to emerging technologies. We add the best ones to the toolkit to ensure your software with the latest comprehensive QA solutions.

Success Stories

We really care about project success. At the end of the day, happy clients watching how their application is making the end user’s experience and life better are the things that matter.

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