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Business Overview

The client is a large scientific publishing house and provider of remote postgraduate education with 3D visualization content for those who need advanced training courses. To expand, the client acquired a technology company that specializes in the development of medical apps for a professional reference. 

The company had a flagship product—a cloud-based AWS educational platform that allows users to study human anatomy in 3D and is used by leading medical universities worldwide with learning tools covering more than 13,000 anatomical structures.

The app helps you thoroughly understand human anatomy—you can examine and even manipulate the skeleton, organs, and tissues—as well as study other materials on anatomy and medicine. It’s available on iPhone, iPad, Android-based devices (phone and tablet).

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The 3D platform has three main categories of users:

  • Students for acquiring knowledge delivered by leading experts in human anatomy

  • Healthcare professionals for upgrading their qualifications and enhancing patients’ understanding of their conditions for better patient outcomes 

  • Institutions for boosting students’ engagement through interaction with the 3D models

Project Scope

NIX had been providing development and consulting services for the client for many years, and when it came to rapid expansion and flagship product enhancement, we joined the client’s in-house team at once. The scope for NIX included the following activities:

Performance enhancement and reducing the mobile app’s size

BI system development and merging existing AWS solution with new Tableau BI solution

Consulting solution for 3D model rendering and visualization tools enhancement

Technical Solution

The NIX team was actively involved in 3D web platform migration from a hybrid base to a more up-to-date tech stack—React and Redux. Also, the solution included the development of the SDK for performance enhancement and the implementation of BI tools for better analytics. 

SDK for On-demand Content

Too immense mobile app size due to voluminous 3D content critically affected the user experience since it required a lot of vacant space. The NIX team, led by the solutions architect, needed to optimize content delivery for mobile clients such as iOS and Android.

The end-game from the client-side includes the ability to embed the SDK inside the flagship product with optimized content usage and sell the solution to medical institutions and portals.

The scope included two main tasks:

  • Reduce the size of the initial bundle to make the application more desirable for the users
  • Ensure robust security for 3D content distribution

To provide the best-fitting solution for app size optimization and suitable content delivery network (CDN), we performed a resurvey of available options for content distribution. Available marketplaces provide native support for on-demand content delivery in one way or another with their own restrictions and limitations. 

After thorough research, the solutions architect composed a holistic project design considering all the pros and cons, budget estimates, risks, and complexity of implementation for each solution.

As a result, the NIX team proceeded with one solution—creating an SDK that contains a set of libraries capable of interacting with the backend to deliver models, screenshots, and processes, and display them on the client’s canvas. The SDK can be embedded in any web or mobile solution and enables the communication between the 3D engine and the application to control the 3D human models. This significantly reduces the app size and enhances the user experience.

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The solution also included: 

  • Development and implementation of high-polygonal WebAssembly (WASM) framework that allows rendering C++ and C code on the web and efficiently working with high-resolution content

  • Implementation of server solutions, such as API gateways and CDNs, to reduce the time required to deliver and download content from the server to the client by 3–4 times

  • Implementation of computing caching on the server by caching data in a browser, which reduces the load associated with the content

To ensure that the unique 3D engine and content are secure from any unauthorized use and data processing is properly set up, we implemented the following measures: 

  • Multiphase access to content with x-API-key and verification on the client-side with the configurable update frequency 

  • Access to SDK management with single sign-on (SSO) on the client-side

  • Use of AES CBC encryption (encrypt/decrypt)

  • Ongoing vulnerability check

Tableau-based BI System

The client needed a solution that would provide actionable insights regarding sales and marketing performance including in-app and email analytics, and point out ways for enhancements. 

The NIX BI team was responsible for developing and integrating a data pipeline, creating and maintaining BI dashboards, and working on ad-hoc requests. Based on the product backend database, third-party integrated systems, and email streaming data, we set up automatic processing of analytical data and output it on demand in a clear and easy-to-use way. 

Data storage and a BI reporting solution were developed on top of the AWS cloud using Snowflake as a data warehouse and Tableau as a visualization tool. The whole AWS infrastructure is an infrastructure as code (IaC) solution that decreases discrepancies, enables full traceability of the changes each configuration suffered, and makes the entire software development life cycle more efficient. 

The developed BI Tableau-based solution provides dashboards with data about the number of sold and renewal subscriptions, KPIs, user activity in the application such as duration and number of sessions, and more. 

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Comprehensive analytics helped the client compose a holistic marketing strategy and empower product managers with understanding which parts of the application were poorly used by users and where improvements should be made. All implemented enhancements improved the data processing and its quality as well as expanded the list of metrics for a more thorough analysis.

Consulting Solution

NIX provided consulting services for the client’s team regarding mutually-beneficial cooperation with a third-party telemedicine company. Our team, led by a solutions architect, acted as a part of the client’s in-house force to define the scope and implementation strategy enabling integration with telehealth solutions. 

The idea was to provide a telemedicine solution with the ability to render 3D anatomical models in a web browser. It would allow physicians to show models to patients in real-time and capture a particular viewport area specific to a device’s resolution, thereby improving the patients’ understanding of their body conditions.

An essential part of the solution was content delivery, rendering, and optimization, including: 

  • Technological solution realization
  • Sharing rights for users 
  • Scaling and screen resolution for devices
  • HIPAA, and GDPR compliance 
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The 3D platform evolved to a highly-powerful web solution that gains a firm foothold on the market, paving the way for new business opportunities. 

The introduced enhancements—a powerful SDK and robust BI solution—empowered the client’s product with an improved user experience and better marketing and sales performance, allowing them to cut costs and level-up product reputation. The product is on the market now, and the NIX team is working on ongoing enhancements. 

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29 experts (3 Project Managers, 2 Scrum Masters, Solution Architect, Data Engineer, Business Analyst, 7 QA Engineers, AR Developer, 7 C++ Engineers, React Developer, Python Developer, 3 iOS Developers, UI/UX Designer)

Tech Stack:

C++, Objective-C, Java, Python, ReactJS, ARKit, AWS, HTML/CSS, ARKit, Android SDK, Django, AWS, PostgreSQL, Git, NodeJS, Windows front, Redux, Swift, C/C++, Docker, MongoDB, AWS Kinesis, Snowflake

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