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Business Overview

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Business Overview

The client is an innovative and fast-growing European digital-only bank. Their mobile app is a full-fledged bank in your pocket, offering all the benefits of banking cards, such as credit limit, payments, transfers, cashback, currency exchange, and much more. Furthermore, the bank offers favorable rates for their customers—this is determined by the ability to save money in the absence of a branch network, on salaries of multiple employees, encashment, etc. In place of that, they offer zero or low commissions, high cashback on purchase categories, and attractive refinancing terms.

To receive a banking card, the user needs to download a mobile app and go through a quick registration procedure, then pick up a card from a partner’s branch or order its delivery.

The company turned to NIX due to our comprehensive promotion expertise, from product introduction to the target market to app search optimization (ASO) and pay-per-click (PPC) activities.

Project Scope

The NIX team had to introduce an innovative banking product to the market and boost potential customers to download the app and activate a card—the set goal was to reach 200k credit card activations in seven months, assured by ASO and PPC activities. At the same time, app installation cost could not exceed $3 USD per customer acquisition.

Banking app promotion comprised the following stages:

Pre-order—promotion of the landing page before the launch of the mobile app

Release—the app promotion after its release

Reinforcement—promotion of certain banking services and features


  • Pre-order Stage
  • Release Stage
  • Brand Reinforcement Stage


NIX helped the client attract customers to their fintech product, resulting in 300k+ activated cards within seven months instead of the 200k planned. Moreover, our experts managed to reduce the cost of card activation by 50% from the initially set price. The client was able to redirect saved funds to expand the promotion of their banking product since they have observed in practice how workable and effective digital marketing is for business.

We continue to collaborate with the client, helping them grow their market presence nationwide.


9 Experts (Marketing Project Manager, Head of Strategy, 2 ASO Experts, Lead PPC Experts, Web & App Analyst, 3 PPC Experts)

Tech Stack:

Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Firebase, AppsFlyer, Facebook Business Manager, Google Tag Manager

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