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Business Overview

The client’s company is a cash-on-delivery (COD) gateway for eCommerce platforms which offers a full suite of technological solutions.

The platform enables customers to manage shipments and remittances, track orders, and reduce cancellations. 

The system also integrated with Salesforce and allows businesses to engage the consumer throughout the process via SMS systems and call centers.

The platform data volume increased from 20k to 70k requests per day and the system was not ready for such an intensive data flow.


The client approached the NIX team to boost performance and increase the scalability of the entire system. As a result, we highlighted two main challenges:

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Increase the request limit and reduce the number of duplicates from the PHP side to the Salesforce platform 

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Ensure smooth system performance by reinforcing the code base on PHP and Salesforce sides


We used debugging and added logging to increase the request limit from the PHP side to the Salesforce platform. This allowed us to analyze the system and understand the flow and quantity of requests. 

We conducted total refactoring and wrote auto-tests to ensure that there were no duplicates of requests and to make sure that orders arrive at the end-system. 

To make the system more scalable and ready to process a vast amount of data, we modified the logic to process and convert firstly all data that logged, and then sent this to the database. Since Salesforce is a cloud platform with quite strict limits on available resources, we optimized the code base. 

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Shopify Integration

We’ve also integrated the system with Shopify and built a separate Laravel-based application that allows for transferring the invoices made in the Shopify store to the client’s system. Shopify API makes it possible to view and edit invoices by the supervisor.

The team used Shopify webhooksa tool for retrieving and storing data from a specific event. It allows the app to execute code immediately after specific events occur in shops that have your app installed instead of making API calls periodically to check their status. 


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    Users make orders on the platform

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    Shopify sends the invoice into our system

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    Received orders are transferred and processed on the PHP side

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    The data is transferred to the Salesforce platform in the form of documents, graphics, dashboards, and statistics

The NIX team also added the ability to automatically generate performance reports for the client’s partners for the last payment period and reports that contain parcel info used for transportation. For the generation process, we used Apex as a server language, Lightning Web Components, and an internal Salesforce JS framework. 

Moreover, we wrote documentation consisting of rules and practices gained in the process that will be highly useful for developers and will help avoid inconsistencies.

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The client received an updated and highly functional system that meets the current requirements of 70k requests per day and lays down the additional potential for further growth. Moreover, the system is now more stable and scalable due to reinforcing the code base and refactoring.

This enhances the relationship between the merchant and the end client, increasing revenue along the way.


Project Manager, 2 Salesforce Developers, PHP Developer, QA Engineer

Tech Stack:

JavaScript, Salesforce, Apex, Shopify, Apache, Laravel, PHP, MySQL, VisualForce


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