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Business Overview

Business Overview

Our client, a leading provider of healthcare education software in the US market, understands the immense pressure medical schools face in today’s competitive landscape. Traditional methods often struggle to keep students up to date and may not adequately prepare them for complex exams or, more importantly, real work. This poses a significant challenge for graduates to be highly qualified professionals.

Head-on, our client tackles this challenge with innovative digital solutions. One of their products is a test simulation platform that assists medical students in their learning activities, providing them with valuable, exam-related content, analytics, and personalized feedback. The system also helps medical schools enhance their performance, giving them the means to improve educational outcomes and ultimately expand the workforce of healthcare professionals.

To stay competitive in an ever-evolving market, the client decided to modernize the platform, enhance it with new, relevant features, and create a mobile app for on-the-go accessibility. Striving to elevate the development process, the company went beyond their in-house resources and involved NIX in the project. The decision leveraged our proven tech skills and successful collaboration history to bring their vision to life.




We modernized and extended the functionality of the client’s web platform, giving it new life. We also developed a cross-platform mobile app with similar business logic, creating a seamless user experience across devices.

The system runs on AWS, harnessing the full power of its cloud capabilities. Known for its robust, secure, and flexible infrastructure, AWS provides the project with a protected, high-performance environment ready for future scaling.

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Beyond that, we integrated the system with a third-party service offering a special interactive learning experience by leveraging memory science, spaced repetition, and retrieval practice. With this integration, we enhanced our solution with in-depth data analysis, thus further improving users’ educational journey.

Web Platform

Our team upgraded the platform by migrating it to a newer .NET version for the backend and starting to use Angular for the frontend.

This dedicated and enhanced e-learning solution combines exam-style questions, comparative analytics, mnemonic videos, and individualized testing behaviors, helping institutions achieve better curricular and exam outcomes.

Mobile Application

We developed a mobile application that expands access to the examination system. Built with React Native, the app replicates core functionalities of the web platform, allowing students to practice exam tasks on their preferred devices, be it a smartphone—both iOS and Android,—desktop PC, or laptop. This way, they can engage in studying literally on the go.

Key Features

Both solutions have features that help students practice before high-stakes exams to be confident they’ll pass them easily. The functionality also ensures institutions can track, analyze, and improve learners’ performance outcomes.

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    Expert-curated Questions and Custom Quizzes

    The platform offers practice questions and exam-like tasks in various medical fields. Compiled by subject matter experts, they’re accompanied by simple and memorable bottom-line explanations.

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    Sophisticated Reporting

    This feature provides data-driven performance insights through national benchmarking that pinpoints curricular trends and shortfalls. With advanced reporting, the institution can guide faculty to improve learning for all, from entire cohorts to at-risk students, ultimately achieving program goals.

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    Performance Dashboard

    The system’s dashboard gives students access to informative metrics on their strengths and weaknesses in real time. This way, learners can see their category performance and benchmark themselves against peers nationwide.

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    Test Management

    The platform offers a test management service to constantly update questions, quizzes, and other tasks, ensuring they fully comply with the latest exam requirements.

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    Advanced Search

    The platform is equipped with a convenient search for questions and tests according to students’ requests, improving their learning experience.


Working side-by-side with the client’s team, we created a sophisticated e-learning solution offering a data-driven exam preparation approach. Powered by advanced analytics, it allows simulating an exam day before it happens, providing an online testing environment that mirrors the real conditions. As a result, students improve their performance, and institutions gain insight into the big picture and can more easily achieve their educational goals.

We continue to work on the project, creating a powerful engine to cultivate a pipeline of top healthcare talent. By continuously iterating features and optimizing the user experience, we empower medical schools to graduate highly qualified professionals. This translates directly to the client’s mission: equipping healthcare education systems with the tools they need to thrive.

Success Metrics

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70+ Thousand Students

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80+ Million Tests Taken per Year

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+19.7% Performance Improvement

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Notable Clients Among Institutions, Including Stanford and Brown


26 experts (3 Project Managers, React Native Developer, 2 JS Developers, 10 .Net Developers, 5 CMS/PHP Developers, 4 QA Engineers, UX/UI Designer)

Tech Stack:

React Native, AWS, Angular, Redis, .NET, Bootstrap, Elastic Search


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