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Business Overview

Our client has been working on an intelligent platform that enables digital labor powered by cloud computing, robotic process automation (RPA), and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate high-risk, manual, rule-based administrative processes, radically enhancing agility in large enterprises. The RPA-based platform allows the automation of virtually any app in various environments, from terminal emulators to web browsers and services.

The client’s business began to soar, and the initial platform was not scalable enough to meet the growing number of customers and growing demands of the enterprise clients. The need for rapid functionality extension, and thus, architecture enhancements, became a top priority. In-house resources didn’t have enough skills to ensure a robust development process and NIX United provided a hands-on team to cover the technology gap.

To ensure a smooth expansion and fast operation of the intelligent system, NIX identified the initial scope of work:

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Migration of the core system in the cloud, and implementation of CI/CD pipelines

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Development of new products to extend system functionality for covering diverse enterprise needs

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Provision of a new, intuitive, up-to-date UI for end-user and administrative activities


In the middle of the development phase, NIX rapidly expanded the client’s in-house team in record time—from 15 engineers to more than 60 in mere months. We created well-structured units with Scrum Masters and Technical leadership—and smoothly blended them into a large, multicultural team. Despite such rapid team expansion, we avoided downtime and efficiency drawdown, solving the client’s challenge to reduce time-to-market for new functionality.


NIX integrated the intelligent core platform with Azure cognitive servers to enable automation of deployment to ensure smooth integration with enterprise systems. A core platform configures the automation process and allows system management, resource monitoring, adding new integrations, and manually describing business process automation.

We performed a complete refactoring and implemented plug-in architecture to ensure a smooth extension of the system with products without changing the code of the core system. As for design, the NIX team updated the UI to add new features and empower users with a more intuitive experience.


The NIX United team developed six products that are now a part of the core system and cover all needs of large enterprises:

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    An automation platform

    An automation platform that harnesses the power of in-person and digital worker collaboration, allowing organizations to automate a broad range of processes requiring manual initiation. It has client-specific configuration and supports personalized UIs for each user within an organization. Additionally, the platform includes a web interface that provides functionality and rapid performance for the whole product. This solution allows users to monitor the state of all system components, check performance, and manage entities that directly influence the virtual workforce.

  • 02

    A smart license manager

    A smart license manager—a web application for generating and storing keys and licenses for products. The application allows you to manage vendor records and batch assign product licenses to customers, creating secure storage platforms. High-level architecture and best security practices applied during development excluded any possibility of data loss and unauthorized access.

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    An intelligent, Azure-based document processing tool

    An intelligent, Azure-based document processing tool that combines optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning (ML) algorithms for data extraction, validation, and structuring. This tool enables greater operational agility and increases automation adoption.

  • 04

    An application powered by computer vision

    An application powered by computer vision that automatically captures every step of the user’s flow to facilitate a document based on which the user can enhance and automate the captured process.

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    A digital assistant powered by ML algorithms

    A digital assistant powered by ML algorithms that extracts data from various communication sources like emails, chats, and images, and converts it to machine-readable text in real-time. It supports communication between other system components and provides cognitive capabilities to the digital worker execution layer.


Working side by side with the client, NIX decreased time-to-market and created a scalable, сloud-based AI RPA platform with sophisticated plug-in architecture, perfect for handling increasing amounts of work and connecting new products easily. The solution allows the client to empower large enterprises to take automation to the next level, accelerate digital strategies, and transform workflows.


63 experts (3 Scrum Masters, 2 Business Analysts, 9 JS Developers, 23 .NET Developers, 3 Architects,  1 Python ML Developer, 5 QA Engineers, 6 QA Automation Engineers, 1 QA Lead, 5 DevOps, 2 UI/UX designers, 3 Application Security Engineers)

Tech Stack:

NET, C#, ASP.NET Core, EF, ReactJS, Azure SQL, ASP.NET WEB API 2, Angular

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