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Business Overview

The client is a large photography agency that started as a single photographer and has since grown to a business that provides services across the country. They came to NIX to create a system that would improve their teamwork and navigate an enormous photo library. 

It would significantly reduce time spent on routine tasks and automate a number of processes.

Project Scope

The client’s photo library, increasing in size over many years, has become a massive database of photos with complicated internal navigation. A couple of times before, the client tried to implement a categorization system, but these attempts failed. We needed to develop a solution that will decrease the time that photographers spend on browsing folders to find necessary images, which in turn included the following goals:

  • 1

    Develop an entire web platform that will serve as an interface for managing a cloud computing system based on Google Cloud Platform

  • 2

    Create and train AI computer vision algorithms for face and emotion recognition to simplify image cataloguing and decrease time on routine


Using .NET as a central technology, we developed a web platform with a simple and intuitive interface based on Google Cloud Platform.

The platform provided functionality for two types of users: photographers and their clients. By default, both of them can use the main features, namely face and emotion recognition. However, they have different access to data management. A photographer’s account allows users to upload pictures, create a data pool in which the system searches for similarities, and recognizes expressions. Users can create several projects in the account and share access to their content with a unique link for convenience.

Moreover, if users noticed that the computing system made a mistake in face or emotion recognition, they can manually point the system to correct results; thus, the algorithm can evolve continuously. 

With a client’s account, users can only view the project’s content using links from the photographer and use recognition features.

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The smart web platform significantly accelerates the client team’s routine tasks, allowing them to spend more time shooting instead of browsing folders. Currently, photographers rate this innovation highly. 

Furthermore, our client is considering updating FaceMe and making it into a commercial product as a service.


7 experts (Project Manager, Business Analyst, Backend Developer, Data Science Developer, Markup Developer, QA Engineer, Designer)


Tech Stack:

C#, Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, React.js, TypeScript, Firebase, .NET, SCSS

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