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Native Mobile App for Improving Daily Life Through Positive Affirmations

Business Overview

Business Overview

Think Up is a leading solution that empowers users with affirmations and allows them to create a program for self-development. It helps embed a positive mindset into everyday life using affirmations based on professional psychologists’ recommendations.

The client had native Android and iOS applications but the existing versions of the apps couldn’t handle the growing number of users nor cover the client’s business needs for rapid performance.

The scope for NIX included the following:

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    Audit the existing app infrastructure and suggest ways for enhancements and ensuring stability

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    Refactor Android and iOS apps to make them more scalable and ready to support a growing number of users

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    Extend functionality of both mobile applications to increase retention


Up-to-date architecture and increased scalability

The NIX team analyzed the legacy system, forecast what may cause problems for the client in the future, and eliminated pitfalls that may appear.

We performed complete refactoring and provided continuous integration for both Android and iOS applications to extend functionality smoothly. For the iOS app, Swift programming language was chosen to ensure robust security and more up-to-date architecture than Objective-C. As for the Java-based Android app, the team reinforced the initial infrastructure and increased scalability for future functionality.

We also migrated the database with all media components to the cloud to reduce the application size and enhance performance of both mobile apps.


Main features

  • Main features

    Select affirmations from a list or create your own affirmation

  • Main features

    Personalize the affirmations (record voice, add images and music)

  • Main features

    Set notifications and reminders to listen daily

  • Main features

    Track progress through the number of affirmations listened to during daily practice

  • Main features

    Connect to the Apple Health app and track the duration of daily practice through the Mindful Minutes metric



The client received fully-enhanced iOS and Android apps that are now scalable and ready to support an ever-growing number of users, helping to build self-improvement programs for motivation and a positive mindset. Due to the reinforced infrastructure and elimination of possible pitfalls, the client can stay ahead of the competitors and respond to market changes better.

As for subsequent activities, the NIX team is now in the active development phase of an app for the Apple Watch.

  • Team: 6 experts

    Project Manager, Business Analyst, 2 iOS Developers, Android Developer, QA Engineer

  • Tech stack:

    Java, Swift, Objective C, Firebase, AVFoundation, Google Play Billing, MonkeyRunner

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