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Business Overview

Healthcare web Platform, insights for marketing healthcare, drugs

Business Overview

Our client is a Managed Markets Insight & Technology (MMIT) company that provides marketing insights for pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance companies, and providers in the US healthcare industry. The client combines deep domain expertise around drug development, manufacturing, and use covered under the medical benefits with innovative technology and analyzed data from different sources to answer critical business questions. MMIT data is acquired through a combination of direct partnerships with payers, as well as technology infrastructure, AI, and human validation.

These MMIT solutions help pharmaceutical companies retrieve crucial data on drug prescriptions, usage of their products, and competitors. It empowers pharmaceutical companies with a clear market view to create effective marketing campaigns, streamline sales, and gain a competitive edge. Moreover, US physicians confide in MMIT data when prescribing drugs for patients, providing more efficient treatment. 

Project Scope

The client reached out to the NIX team with the following requests:

  • Reinforce the Radar platform—a client-facing flagship product for marketing insights with new functionality to enhance user experience

  • Incorporate a BI solution for their oncology drug coverage product

  • Set up robust data collecting and processing

Insight: US Insurance Market Specifics

American insurance implies that treatment regimens, including drugs, are strictly regulated in particular insurance plans. Each insurance company has a regulated list of medications for each disease and illness they are willing to cover. 

Some drugs have limiting factors, such as step therapy—a process used by health insurers to control costs. It requires patients to try one or more medications specified by the insurance company—typically a generic (analog) one—to treat a health condition. The generic version is always cheaper than the original medication because the company did not invest a lot of money to develop the formula. If the generic version does not help, the insurance company pays for the original drug.

There is also a prior authorization—a set of actions the patient must perform before he can take a drug. The insurance company regulates the procedure for patients to complete all the necessary tests—for instance, five types of blood tests, MRI, ultrasound, etc.—required for further prescribing of medication by doctors.


As a part of the project scope, we enhanced and developed the following solutions:

  • Reinforcement of the Radar platform
  • Data Processing Framework
  • Oncology Reporting System


Healthcare web Platform, insights for marketing healthcare, drugs (3)


Working side by side with the client’s team, the NIX team reinforced the flagship product with new functionality that empowers pharmaceutical companies with up-to-date marketing insights, boosts revenue via increased sales, and helps to stay ahead of the competition.

As a part of the scope, we also set up a robust data processing system that enables automatic scaling of document scraping processes, saves managers time, and improves the system’s performance.


38 experts (Corporate Project Manager, 4 Business Analysts, 17 .NET Developers,  4 Python Developers, Scrum Master, C++ Developer, 7 QA Engineers, 2 UX / UI Designers, Mark-up Specialist, Salesforce Developer)

Tech Stack:

Python, Azure, MS SQL Server, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, Docker, Angular, EntityFramework, Redis, .NET


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