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Property Management Plartform

Customized Solution for Landlords




Business Overview

The NIX United team created a property management platform to handle all aspects of running a successful property business.

The reasons for building your property management system are endless. You may need more profitability in your goals, or you want to boost your business immediately instead of just keeping the building occupied and standing upright.



The main challenge was to create a multi-module platform, which is an all-in-one solution, that would be easily configured for definite property management needs in different domain segments: rental, flats, and condominiums.



In the platform we implemented, must-have features for managers to handle real estate. There are web and mobile versions for both managers and users. A web version is more applicable to a manager while a mobile app is better suited for a user.

A manager has the full platform version on the web, namely:

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    A full view of the rental situation (regarding rentals): what to rent, period of time, available property, property details

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    Requests management and all related info

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    Communication with all service staff, vendors, and residents

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    Finance: billing, financial accounting, and financial reports

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    Documents: contracts and other online docs

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    Reports available: using needed metrics, the manager can create statistics for a specific period of time

The platform is expandable. We can add new features when prospective modern technologies are implemented.

Also, the platform provides users with a mobile app that has an easily understood interface. Our application is tailored to users’ needs and solves their issues, namely by bringing the following features:

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    The opportunity to digitally communicate with other residents (e.g. children, leisure time, and activities);

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    Voting and discussions inside a property community;

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    Integration with calendars where all the events are held;

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    Automated interaction between managers and residents;

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    Notifications to managers, including if something in the property went wrong;

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    A system for planning the residents’ expenses;

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    The possibility of electronic docs signature;

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    Management of parking spaces (e.g. to book a permanent or guest space).


Modules of the platform can be interconnected with other external services and, as they are working separately but interlinked, it ensures necessary security for the storage of data about residents, their payments, personal information, etc.



We created an easily-customizable platform particularly for property management needs with both web and mobile apps. An administrator of the property can choose a specific set of features and add or remove certain modules, depending on the property’s needs.

Tech stack

SPA VueJS, React Native, Golang, Gin, Firebase SDK, GORM


Business Analyst, Designer, Project Manager, iOS Developer, Go Developer, QA Specialist

Click on the link to get more information or download the .pdf version.

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