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Business overview

The client is an internet company that creates intelligent products and services powered by machine learning.

The client’s idea was to create a mobile application that enables the users to receive quick answers to health questions wherever they are – at home or on a business trip. Also, the app needs to allow getting affordable, real-time health advice from medical experts round-a-clock using internet connection.

The NIX team had to come up with a solution that provides secure, quick, and easy-to-use online medical advice to users.


  • Real-time app

    Implement Voximplant and Matrix SDK to provide the app with voice, video and messaging.
  • Common backend

    Ensure proper releases and performance considering common backend – third party, client’s backend and our frontend.
  • Pharmacy delivery

    Provide the ability to deliver tablets to the house (application offers partner’s pharmacy).
  • Diversity

    Provide Product management support and connect the diverse team.
  • Ongoing assistance

    CI/CD testing – combined practices of continuous integration and continuous deployment.


Get a response whenever you are

Working side by side with the client’s team, NIX developed an iOS and Android application that offer consult with medical experts of diverse specialties with no need in visiting hospitals – the user’s request gets a response here and now.

Also, the application offers the ability to order medication online and pick it up personally. This service unites data and technology with the supplies of pharmacies.

User’s flow

  • 1. User downloads the application and adds a card.

  • 2. Selects the doctor and consultation format (video, audio, chat).

  • 3. Ability to get a quick call and get a month subscription.

  • 4. Receives a detailed explanation of the symptoms or medical tests results.

  • 5. Get a doctor recommendations that can be viewed anytime in the app.


A new approach to health support

The client received an application that is designed to enable patients with easy-to-get medical advice from medical experts.

NIX created an application that changes the way users approach their healthcare needs by offering secure, fast, and qualified online medical support.

  • Techstack

    Swift, Java, Angular, Matrix SDK, Voximplant SDK, Firebase
  • Team: 26

    Project Manager, 9 QA Engineers, 6 iOS Developers, 7 Android Developers, 3 JS Developers


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