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Business Overview

Thomson Reuters is a prominent worldwide supplier of solutions to academia, corporations, and brands seeking to keep track of the market and undertake pharmaceutical initiatives in partnership. The company’s global presence includes branches in Philadelphia, London, Beijing, and Tokyo, and attracts talent from diverse backgrounds worldwide.


Thomson Reuters was looking for a technology partner to provide a comprehensive set of QA automation services for all the products across the board—large-scale SaaS systems deployed in the cloud serving multiple enterprise clients. Due to our extensive expertise and proven experience in working with large-scale enterprises, the client entrusted NIX with establishing an automation center of competence.


The NIX team’s scope included functional and regression testing on all layers of products in the portfolio—service-based middleware, feature-rich web UI, API, performance, data consistency, integration, and more.


600h405 (23)


NIX joined a large team consisting of more than 100 engineers, product owners, and architects distributed across multiple locations. The client’s assortment included various enterprise-level products that employed different technologies, testing methods, user interfaces, middleware, etc.

Collaborating with the client’s team, we needed to devise a cohesive testing strategy across the board and set up an effectively curated process that would guarantee quality for diverse testing objectives brought together under a single expansive product brand.


NIX established a turn-key offshore center of competence that combined multiple teams with comprehensive technical expertise in multiple areas, integrated by the delivery process and testing methodology.

The hands-on NIX QA team developed a number of frameworks and custom components for automated testing that accelerated the development and deployment process of Cortellis and other flagship products of the client.

To expedite the testing process, we developed various tailor-made solutions for test harness, test stand deployment, reporting, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), source control, and quality management systems.

The solution encompassed the subsequent activities:

Functional testing of UI, API, and Middleware using tools such as .NET, NUnit, WebDriver, MS Entity Framework, and MS SQL

Performance and benchmark testing with the help of JMeter scripts and custom Java components on Linux OS

Data validation and data integrity by utilizing PL/SQL, Oracle, and Linux, with automatic setup and execution

Regular code analysis using McCabe IQ, VeraCode, and Java

600h405 (24)


600h405 (25)


The NIX team established a well-curated auto testing practice that resulted in early defect detection and consistency and repeatability of test results, ultimately resulting in more reliable and robust software products for the client.


35 QA Automation Engineers

Tech Stack:

Oracle, Java, MS SQL Server, EntityFramework, .NET, McCabe IQ


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