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Business Overview

The client develops and sells various GPS tracking devices made for pets, bikes, cars, kids, and much more. The client’s idea was to create a brand-new social media tracking app that is connected to the trackers and helps to trace everything users want, so losing staff will be a thing of the past.

The client had many attempts to develop an application and synchronize tracking devices but failed. So the client contracted NIX to relaunch the app from scratch and make a native app. The key task for the NIX team was to create an app with a map showing all users and include the support of social interaction between users. So everyone who installed the app and paired the location tracker could follow other members and engage with them.

bussiness overview


To turn the idea into reality, we needed to find a way to efficiently maintain the high load requirements — about 250,000 simultaneous users on a public map and solve incorrect displaying locations from devices placed in other countries.


The NIX team of specialists integrated trackers into the mobile application on iOS and Android. The latest GPS technology was used, merged with Wifi and LBS location tracking to provide the correct positioning data at all times.

We made the app set up with intelligent and advanced algorithms for power saving and position location, even when the app is not in use. The users track their pets, bicycle, or kids on the map and choose to share their location with family, friends, or hide from all.

The main deliverables:

  • An application that allows tracking pets, bikes, kids, and anything the user wants.
  • The server for GPS trackers encrypted firmware guaranteeing that everything is secure and managed within the application on the user’s smartphone.
  • The system provides for a high load, clustering on the pin map, contemporary work of trackers in live mode.



Implemented mobile app in the product kit allowed the client to outcompete their rivals by delivering a superior customer experience. A fully-equipped product allows tracking anything the users want, guaranteeing that it is secure and managed with the app on their smartphones.



11 experts (Project Manager, Business Analyst, 2 QA Engineer, Java Developer, 2 Android Developer, 2 IOS Developer, Web Developer, Designer)

Tech Stack:

Swift, redux, AWS, Java, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, Firebase, RabbitMQ, Mosquitto MQTT, Broker, React


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