High Load & Real-time Location Tracker

Project type: Mobile Application
Business domain: Electronics

Business Overview

The product is the brand-new social media tracking app that not only helps to trace everything you want but also will change your vision of reality. The client sells various GPS tracking devices made specifically for pets, bikes, cars, kids, friends, and much more. The main idea was to create an application that is connected to the trackers so losing belongings will be a thing of the past. Before the client came to us, there were many attempts that failed. So we were asked to relaunch the product from scratch and make a native app based on our extensive expertise.


The main task was to create an app with a map showing all users and social interaction between them. So everyone who installed the app and paired the location tracker could follow other members and engage with them. During the development, we faced a few difficulties. First, we needed to find a way to efficiently maintain the high load requirements — about 250,000 simultaneous users on a public map and solve the issue of incorrect displaying location from devices placed in other countries. The second challenge was to ensure a stable connection of the application with other devices due to a lack of shared documentation of firmware and protocols, which is followed by a shortage of some device types for testing.


We used our enthusiasm, inspiration, and expertise to overcome all the challenges that appeared during the way. The team integrated these trackers into the mobile application on iOS and Android. Also, the latest GPS technology was used, merged with Wi-Fi and LBS location tracking to constantly provide the most relevant positioning data. The app is set up with smart and advanced algorithms for power saving and position location, even when the app is not in use. The user tracks his pet, bicycle, or kids on the map and chooses to share his location with family, friends, or hide from all.


NIX created an application that allows tracking pets, bikes, kids, and anything the user wants. Also, the team has developed the server for GPS trackers encrypted firmware guaranteeing that everything is secure and managed with the application on the user’s smartphone. The system provides for a high load, clustering on the pin map, contemporary work of trackers in live-mode. In the future, it is planned to add more placements, customize visibility by supplementing online bus information, and include some social features.

Team: 11 (Project Manager, Business Analyst, 2 QA Engineer, Java Developer, 2 Android Developer, 2 IOS Developer, Web Developer, Designer)

Services: Development, Business Analysis, Project Management, Design

Tech: Swift, Java, BaaS Firebase, React/Redux, Java Spring Boot, Blue-Green Deployment, PostgreSQL+Master-Slave, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Mosquitto MQTT Broker, Docker, AWS, Rancher, Graylog, Prometheus/Grafana