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Business Overview

Our client is an advertising agency that provides brand, marketing, design, and development services. Their subscription-based software products include All in App—a collaboration tool for web, iOS, and Android platforms designed to enhance corporate culture, connection, and communication.

All in App was underperforming due to low productivity and poor, inconvenient UI/UX design. That’s why the company turned to NIX for help as a proven vendor in web and mobile development with extensive UI/UX expertise.

Project Scope

Within the project scope, we did the following:

Analysis of current user needs

UX research

Redesign for web and mobile applications

Expansion and improvement of web app functionality


Web App’s Enhanced Functionality

We extended the functionality of the PHP-based web app to meet relevant users’ needs and ensure it runs like clockwork.


User-friendly Content Management

The updated web application allows managing content within departments, monitoring the social activities of the company’s employees, and publishing different types of content.

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Easy System Configuration

The application provides an interface for configuring all parts of the system and consists of both end-user and admin-user parts.

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Intuitive Post Creation

Users can publish and share news in the mixed internal section. The application allows the creation of media posts, polls, and quizzes for brand story posts.

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The app offers onboarding tips for comfortable use and easier access to more information. Despite various group subscriptions, the app is always available for new users.

Gamification Activities

Every user within the app has a score based on internal activity. Admin allows custom score configuration to increase user engagement.

Redesign for Web & Mobile Apps

We completely redesigned the web and mobile apps and provided them with a clean, user-friendly UI/UX design that follows a soft and minimalistic style and adheres to the design guidelines of various companies.

Our redesign process consisted of several steps to ensure the most successful result.

  • UX Research
  • User Flows
  • Wireframes
  • Design System


The client received an improved and updated design of the apps and thus was able to boost the interest of companies in All in App and attract more users, which led to increased revenue.

End-users also benefit, as they now have access to an intuitive collaboration tool that helps them simply, effectively, and measurably transform corporate content marketing and communications into a team sport.


5 experts (Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, 2 PHP Developers, Business Analyst, QA Engineer)

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