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Business Overview

Business Overview

Our client is a global technology provider engaged in software and hardware development. The company provided large enterprises with various devices for business operations and aimed to provide users with a comprehensive solution for secure and efficient data management. 

The client contracted NIX United as a proven expert in secure software development to create a SaaS cloud-based platform for device management that will support high-loads that come from multiple connected devices. 

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The developed multi-tenant SaaS platform with microservice architecture allows for:

  • Robust data management capabilities—a set of services responsible for telemetry collection and data ingestion

  • User management

  • Organization management

  • Device management 

The platform uses Spring-boot as a basis and Kubernetes as its runtime. AWS is used as a primary cloud provider, but the system could be deployed to any cloud with self-managed Kubernetes. 

To ensure a high level of security, the NIX team began incorporating security measures from the start of the development lifecycle to avoid extra system changes for security requirements in the future, thus saving costs and creating a high-quality, secure product. 


At NIX, secure SDLC consisted of the following steps:

  • 01

    Security Requirements

    We defined risks, standards and policies distinctive to specific business domains and countries.

  • 02

    Threat modeling

    We performed threat assessment, created the app risk models, and built the architecture of future software based on the defined security requirements.

  • 03


    We initiated static and dynamic application security testing to detect problems during the development phase.

  • 04

    Penetration testing

    The team conducted periodic penetration tests. These are simulated cyber attacks against software and all related elements to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

  • 05

    Hardening and monitoring

    We implemented firewalls and other solutions that monitor traffic and inform about any deviations in the system. 


The developed multi-tenant SaaS cloud platform allows the client to deliver comprehensive device management solutions for enterprises tailored for specific business needs that include support, remote control, and activation for devices. 

The platform has more than thirty custom solutions for various end-users and serves as a core for solutions responsible for developing features and custom configurations for specific devices.



9 experts (Engineering Lead, 2 Java Developers, 2 Android Developers, .NET Developer, QA Automation Engineer, System Analyst, Scrum Master)

Tech Stack:

Kotlin, C#, Java, Angular, Spring Boot, NodeJS, Spring Kafka, Apache Commons, Bootstrap, AkitaJS, NET Framework, Android Jetpack, Dagger2

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