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Business Overview

Our client is a startup in the fintech and consumer fields aimed to transform the way brands engage with prospective buyers and build trust and loyalty between their clientele. The idea was to leverage software technology to enable branded, instant, commission-free microlending at the point of sale, whether it’s online or in-store. The solution should connect brands, merchants, buyers, and credit providers to create unique shopping and selling experiences. 

The client was seeking a reliable technology partner who can quickly turn their concept into a market-ready solution. They chose NIX as an expert in digital platform engineering with a substantial background in commerce and fintech. On a high level, the future credit-as-a-service (CaaS) platform should provide the following major components — a web-based app and a mobile app.


To turn this bright business idea into reality we had to overcome few key challenges.

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    An ambitious timeline to deliver an MVP that can be demonstrated to investors and partners

  • 2

    The need to provide the client with the ability to conduct on-demand demos early in the project

  • 3

    Issues with credit provider API, which is a mission-critical element of the ecosystem. The API of the credit provider appeared to be extremely unstable, which put at risk the delivery plan and the success of the customer’s demos.



Using the Team-as-a-Service approach, NIX handled the entire product development and set up the workflow to enable the client to conduct on-demand demos for investors and partners.

The bank’s API—responsible for processing credit requests and credit scoring —failed constantly. As it was one of the most crucial elements of the system we established relations with the banks’ engineering team and helped them to refactor the whole API to make it work properly and steadily. This work was crucial to complete the backend of our system and deliver eCommerce integration components on time.


As part of the project we built all key elements of the platform:

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    eCommerce Integration

    We created custom web components to enable brands and merchants to integrate solutions into their online stores that rely on Magento, WordPress, Shopify, or Salesforce.

  • 02

    User-friendly Mobile App 

    An application supporting Android and iOS gives buyers access to instant in-store credit and installments. Using the app, buyers can apply for credit, obtain approval, and proceed with their purchase within seconds at the point of sale. 

  • 03

    SDK Development

    We created an SDK that provides the platform with the capability to support any payment service. We chose Kotlin Multiplatform, which has proven to be a suitable solution for SDKs without a UI since the requirement was to cover both mobile and web.




The client received a fully-equipped, market-ready platform that provides unparalleled benefits to all participants of the retail ecosystem: brands obtained a groundbreaking way to reach out to their potential and current clientele, buyers received a breakthrough branded shopping experience, merchants were provided with tools to empower their in-store and on-line sales, and credit providers increased the volume of their credit operations. 

Working jointly with the client, NIX built the platform while meeting deadlines and helped the client’s goals become a success—for now, the client receives both substantial investments and revenue from the operations.


10 experts (5 JS Developer, 2 Flutter Developers, Magento Developer, QA Engineer, Project Manager)

Tech Stack:

Flutter, Kotlin Multiplatform, JavaScript, MongoDB, Magento, jQuery, ReactJS, NodeJS, Redis, React, LoopbackJS

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