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Business Overview

Business Overview

Our client is a US company, successfully operating as a security service provider. It ensures full guard assistance, including uniformed security officer services, and offers video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, visitor management, and other solutions. 

For a long time, their business had been a confident leader in the security market. However, the increasingly digitized world raised new demands and challenges, which resulted in the old operating model no longer working with the same efficiency. To hold top positions, the client decided to digitize the company and automate its routine tasks, making it work faster and more cost-effective.

They reached out to the NIX team to streamline the sales and marketing processes with Salesforce. Our goal was to help the company close its deals faster, thus contributing to higher end-customer satisfaction.

03_Business Overview

Project Scope

Within the project, we implemented the following:

  • In-depth analysis of the company’s business processes

  • Salesforce integration and data synchronization with their ERP system

  • Implementation of contract generation feature

  • Integration with Conga e-signature application

  • Development of an optimized UI interface



To clarify initial requirements and prioritize upcoming tasks, we involved a business analyst in the project. The BA expert analyzed the company’s workflow, identified areas for its improvement, and offered options for increasing business efficiency through digital transformation with Salesforce integration as a core part.

Based on this analysis, we drew up a clear action plan and determined which features must be implemented to achieve the desired effect.

04_Business Overview

Integration with ERP

Our engineers integrated Salesforce with the client’s ERP solution, setting up smooth data transfer despite the client using legacy code and custom API without documentation.

Contract Generation

Salesforce integration included setting up the feature for generating and signing contracts. Initially, we used the Conga service, an add-on package provided by this CRM system. However, various challenging conditions for composing contracts forced us to develop a custom solution and leave Conga only for electronic signatures.

Also, our team processed all the incoming data, which looked confusing in the original form. We standardized this information, including full name, email, address, and phone number, and brought it into a unified format.

Based on an in-depth analysis of the company’s business processes, we implemented a clear contract generation logic. It varies depending on the type of service, as each requires its special version of the contract with its own signing steps.

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    Sale of security equipment

    Selling security items without additional services results in the most straightforward user flow, which resembles the shopping process in an online store. The contract is formed in several steps and sent for signature.

    Our experts have developed the functionality of generating and signing a contract, taking into account all the requirements and possible conditions.

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    Sale of equipment with additional services

    The sale of goods can come along with services for installation, mounting, and others. Previously, salespeople had to choose these themselves when drafting a contract. We’ve simplified this flow: the user adds the security items to the cart, and the default services are automatically pulled up. They can be removed from the list if needed.

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    Guard services

    The guard service required its own contract generation logic, different from that proposed for selling security items. In this case, it was necessary to clarify other order details, which formed the basis of the contract fields.

Order Management

05_Order Management

Order Management

Among the project requirements was the feature for managing the contract and changing it even after signing. We implemented complex logic with the ability to track all the changes made and highlight them in the document. In this way, the manager can see which conditions have been altered.

Process Visualization

Process Visualization

To make the signing of a contract transparent and clear, we visualized all stages of its generation, including the pricing process. Sales managers see how adding a specific service to the order—or removing one from it—changes the price, and how other factors, including taxes, affect its formation. Thus, they can always justify the final order price to the client.

06_Process Visualization

UI Development

07_Process Visualization

UI Development

One of the tasks our team faced was the development of the UI part of the project: Wizard, a custom page where users can generate, manage and view contracts. Wizard is built on Lightning Web Components (LWC), a new programming model in Salesforce, which is great for implementing a modern, multi-option user interface.

Development of Error Logs Services

Our team also developed two services to respond to possible system operation errors.

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Error Logs

This service deals with errors that may occur while the user works with the Salesforce system through the Wizard user interface.

When a problem occurs, a corresponding record is created in Salesforce, and the user receives a message stating which actions caused the error and specifying its code number. The user can send it to the admins to help them quickly determine what’s wrong.

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Hub Sync Error Logs

The second service logs all errors that occur during the synchronization of records between Salesforce and ERP systems. The logs contain detailed information about the error, which allows for solving the problem faster.

We’ve implemented a special algorithm that periodically checks for failed entries and sends them for re-synchronization.

Additional Features


Special Requirements

The sales manager can take into account special contract requirements, including the participation of subcontractors and delivery of goods to several locations for one client.


Email Integration

We integrated Salesforce with Outlook, providing full email and calendar data synchronization.


Performance Metrics

The advanced reporting feature allows monitoring company performance, which involves the possibility of seeing the workload of each employee.


Advanced Marketing

The Pardot marketing app added to the website tracks the user’s actions. Thanks to the integration with Salesforce, this data immediately syncs with the CRM system and becomes available to sales managers who can now build data-driven strategies.


Permission Management

This feature is responsible for managing the level of access to certain functions and permissions to work with them. This allowed improvement of the security of sensitive information and client data.

These features helped to further improve the user experience by optimizing a number of sales and marketing activities.


The integration of Salesforce and the synchronization of this CRM with other solutions helped the company start running like clockwork. Their sales and marketing processes have been simplified and thus accelerated, which led to more signed contracts, increased customer loyalty, and better business profitability.

NIX experts helped the client optimize the workflow and successfully begin business digitalization. This gave them the opportunity to work faster and more efficiently, staying ahead of competitors and improving the end customer experience.

08_Process Visualization


6 experts (Project Manager, 3 SalesForce developers, SalesForce administrator, Business Analyst)

Tech Stack:

JavaScript, Apex, Lightning Web Components


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