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Business Overview

Business Overview

Our client is US Good Karma Coffee, a company that provides white-label, custom-packaged coffee to organizations such as sports teams, clubs, churches, and so on, which frequently sell a wide range of snacks, drinks, and merchandising products to their customers as an additional, non-core way to raise funds for different needs. An important project initiative is a participation in charity by transferring part of the earned funds to support Ukraine.

To expand operations, the client decided to enhance the product by adding online sales through an ecommerce website and chose us as an IT partner due to our proven experience developing ecommerce solutions of various types.

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Project Scope

project scope

Project Scope

Our team had the following tasks:

  • Digitalize and partially automate the client’s sales process by building an online store
  • Add the ability to customize coffee packaging online with a preview of its future design, thereby facilitating the client’s work

The main trick was to meet tight deadlines and launch an MVP version within 3 months.


After analyzing the requirements, our team decided to use the WordPress CMS and the WooCommerce plugin. The reasons for this choice included the long-term project development plans and compliance with the client’s budget and timeline.

We additionally customized certain elements to unlock the full potential of the website. In particular, we adapted the checkout flow and product page to the system’s design and functionality and added the ability to style the packaging and generate a PDF file from it. We also created an easy-to-use UI and unique design from scratch, ensuring a positive user experience.

The website provides several key user roles, namely the owner with full access to system management, sales managers attracting new customers, and organizations ordering coffee online. For each of the roles, we created a separate interface.

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Package Branding

This feature allows organizations to customize a label applied to craft paper coffee packs and brand it according to their corporate style by adding a company logo and other identity elements to it. The user can instantly see the result as the preview window displays all changes made in real time.

When customization is completed, the system generates a PDF file compatible with our client’s printer settings, as our client prints labels in-house. However, the customer company can also download this file if needed.


Ecommerce Features

We created the most simple order flow with the minimum required steps. The customer customizes the label design, indicates the desired number of coffee packages, chooses billing and shipping options, and makes a payment. Next, the customer can track order progress in their personal account.

Payment processing

We implemented a payment processing system that works with Stripe and accommodates all possible scenarios, including transferring a portion of the sum to a charity organization and salesperson with percentages calculated on the go. The development of this feature required an in-depth analysis of the client’s business logic.

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Good Karma Coffee received a powerful platform and sales tool within a short period of 3 months that includes:

  • User-friendly order customization tools
  • An automated payment process
  • A convenient way to support charitable causes

The website actively attracts new customers, and the client already has plans to expand, turning the platform into a SaaS solution to allow companies to create their own small online coffee stores.


7 experts (PM, BA, Web designer, 2 backend developers, 2 frontend developers)

Tech Stack:

WordPress, PHP, WooCommerce

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