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Business Overview

Business Overview

Our client, ARTiFACTS, provides platform solutions designed to validate evidence in science and commerce, improving the research ecosystem and increasing drug safety in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

The client needed to create a landing page for ARTiFACTS, which would be engaging and convenient and present their two products—File, a platform for recording the existence and attribution of scholarly records, and Verify, a platform to track and monitor the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.

NIX had already worked with the client by developing both of the above mentioned platforms. Knowing our experience as an end-to-end development vendor and a reputable collaborator, the organization contacted us for landing page development right away.

Project Scope

Our task was to make a website convenient and appealing visually, develop style guidelines, and provide intelligent navigation between File and Verify product pages, considering UI/UX aspects.


The NIX team designed a landing page, which reinforced brand awareness and boosted its credibility, describing the client’s products, their functionality, and their social mission to potential users.

Our experts accomplished the following in terms of work on this project:

Website Structure

img-2 (1)

Website Structure

We mapped out information architecture, taking inventory of all content across places and functionality. The next layer was to uncover the hotspots of activity and detect behavioral patterns considering particular user personas. 

The team organized website elements relying on simplicity and visual hierarchy so that visitors can naturally and enjoyably gravitate toward the most important elements first. In total, we created 10+ wireframes to work out the website’s user experience (UX) and structure. 

Style Guide Development

We developed a style guide to maintain consistency in the website’s appearance to positively impact its usability, UX, and perception in general. This step included working with typography, colors, fonts, graphics, schemes, grids, composition, etc.


We planned out website navigation, providing frictionless and intuitive moving from point A to point B. Verify and File pages have simple navigation between them through the header.


User-friendly Components

User-friendly Components

Our task was to make the client’s website user-friendly, user-centric, and visually engaging. For this, we added specific navigation blocks, product descriptions, images, screenshots, videos, CTA buttons, application forms, etc.

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Responsive Design

img-4 (1)

Responsive Design

We took care of responsiveness, making a landing page structure highly flexible due to a  12-column grid—interfaces are now automatically resized and reshuffled to fit the dimensions of all devices a visitor happens to use, from widescreen monitors to mobile devices.


With NIX’s help, the client received a well-structured and visually attractive website built from scratch. The landing page became their business card and significantly eased the introduction of the ARTIFACTS products, File and Verify, to potential users and partners. This enables the company to build more connections beneficial for business growth with pharma manufacturers and distributors, regulatory agencies, and healthcare providers.


2 UI/UX Designers

Tech Stack:

Figma, Adobe After Effects


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