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Business Overview

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Business Overview

Our client is an American non-profit company that cares for people with disabilities at home and in special institutions and covers 13 US states with their services. They offer comprehensive and individualized assistance, including housing, employment, medical and financial support, assistive technology, and more.

The client had been working for a long time the old-fashioned paper way, without digital means. Understanding the potential gain from digitalization, they decided it was time to streamline and automate processes with a modern digital system that would enable them to scale their business and deliver more efficient patient care. With this request, they turned to the NIX team.

Project Scope

Project Scope

Within the project, we needed to create a solution that would help the client provide their services more efficiently, helping to better care for people with disabilities. This included the following:

  • Automation of patient care processes
  • Checking the quality of services provided

Since the client operates in the healthcare industry, we needed to provide a solution that complies with HIPAA and other regulatory standards.

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After analyzing the client’s request, we offered the most suitable solution—a product line consisting of a web platform for collecting and analyzing data and web applications for employees to monitor their work.

This product line fully covers the client’s discovered needs, and it works in sync as a single system with infrastructure deployed on Azure.

Web Platform

We developed a web platform for collecting and analyzing all incoming data, including those from mobile applications.

  • Employee and patient data

  • Financial information

  • Analytical and statistical reports with filtering and searching

  • Survey data on the quality of services provided

  • Generation of reports with exporting in different formats

  • Data on fines from auditors

Web Applications for Employees

We developed two Angular-powered PWA applications that transmit statistical data to the web platform.

Application for Caretakers

The application monitors the performance of employees responsible for caring for people with disabilities and thus ensures they provide high-quality services. Before starting the work, the caretaker must run the app, pass verification, and then control the patient care process with its help.

Key App Features:

  • Marking completed items in the list of planned procedures
  • Tracking time spent on their execution via a timer
  • Recording specific actions, etc., if necessary

We also implemented real-time, Azure-based geolocation support to track the device and confirm the employee is at the right destination.

600x405-application for caretakers

Application for Auditors

600x405-application for auditors

Application for Auditors

This application targets company auditors and helps them monitor the inspection process and collect customer feedback.

Key App Features:

  • Conducting surveys of patients and their relatives
  • Marking the completion of crucial items in the patient care list
  • Recording the condition of the premises to check their compliance with all requirements
  • Performing other activities designed to achieve a high level in all areas

For the auditors’ application, we implemented an offline mode with data update and synchronization upon connection restoration. At the client’s further request, our team ensured mandatory storage of app media files in the browser database instead of the device gallery.



The client received powerful, HIPAA-compliant software products that automated and accelerated their business processes and improved the quality of services thanks to constant monitoring of employees’ work. With all the vital information gathered in one place, the company can now analyze its progress and understand what areas to focus on to become more efficient.

NIX continues to collaborate with the client to improve the web platform and PWA applications so that these products best meet the company’s needs.



13 experts (Project Manager, 9 .NET Developers, UI/UX Designer, 2 QA Engineers)

Tech Stack:

C#, Azure, Angular, .NET

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