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Business Overview


Business Overview

The client is a leading retailer of electronics and household appliances in Eastern Europe with an assortment of 350k+ items on their website and in branded brick-and-mortar stores.  

The company turned to NIX as an experienced digital marketing vendor in ecommerce to increase customer retention and grow revenue generated through email marketing.

Project Scope

NIX’s goal was to double revenue from the email channel. For this, we needed to do the following:

Banking app promotion comprised the following stages:

Audit the current state of the channel and email contact base

Launch engaging email campaigns and grow contact base

Automate email campaigns and implement omni channel communication


Email Marketing Audit


Email Marketing Audit

We conducted an audit of the current email strategy and revealed a number of underperforming activities leading to poor campaign effectiveness and low ROI:

  • Only 23% of subscribers were active contacts, thus, emails were flagged as spam for the remaining users.
  • The subscriber base lacked updates and segmentation.
  • There was no policy for removing subscribers from the base.
  • The email campaigns lacked structure, personalization, and interaction features.

Email Database Activities

Email Database Activities

Email addresses were collected solely through orders and registration on the website. To extend the base, we added widgets offering discounts for subscribing. NIX segmented the target audience, resulting in an email marketing revenue growth of 115%.

To prevent scammers and phishers from sending emails from the client’s domain, our experts set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication. This decreased the likelihood of inbox providers blocking emails and sending them to spam.


New Campaigns Development

Our experts designed a style guide containing a tone of voice, color palette, logos, etc. to increase brand awareness and make email campaigns consistent. At the same time, we created a master template with different designs for specific audience segments and needs—some emphasized informativeness, while others focused on interactivity with games, polls, and quizzes. To choose the most efficient email marketing hypotheses, NIX ran regular A/B tests to choose the most efficient email marketing hypotheses.

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    Welcome Email Series

    We developed a sequence of emails sent automatically to people after they sign up to introduce the client and give them extra perks like limited-time first purchase coupons. The welcome email series increased the retailer’s email marketing revenue by 140%. 

  • 02

    Re-engagement Email Series

    As 77% of subscribers in the base were inactive, NIX experts launched a series of re-engagement emails containing a discount code for purchases. Through this, we recaptured 6% of inactive subscribers and cleaned the contact base to keep the list healthy and up to date.

  • 03

    Promotional Emails

    We updated the email structure, added more visuals, and increased email frequency up to 10 times per month, getting the word out about special offers, holiday promotions, new arrivals, giveaways, etc. This step allowed revenue from promotional emails to grow by 86%. 

  • 04

    Gamified Emails

    We added game elements to emails, making them more enjoyable, captivating, and rewarding. The following emails were intended to pique subscribers’ curiosity:

    • Lead magnet roulette email
    • Rebus email
    • Holiday season emails


    As a result, website transactions grew by 16%, revenue from roulette increased by 30%, and revenue from the holiday season rose by 405% in comparison with the previous year.

Email Marketing Automation

We opted for email automation to increase customer lifetime spending, improve personalization to prospects, and enhance reporting on campaign results by following these steps:

  • 01

    Triggered Emails

    Triggered emails were prompted when subscribers took particular actions on the website or when it was needed to notify subscribers about certain changes. We sent the following emails:

    • Abandoned cart and abandoned view emails
    • Pre-sale and cross-sale emails
    • Product catalog emails
    • Unsubscription emails


    Triggered emails led to a revenue increase of 230% and a 20% decrease in unsubscribes. 3% of subscribers who started to unsubscribe made purchases instead.

  • 02

    Recommendation System

    We developed an automated recommendation system based on key parameters about subscribers and their interactions with the online store.

  • 03

    Multichannel Approach

    The brand interacted with customers using a combination of communication channels—website, email, mobile via SMS, messaging apps, and push notifications 2-3, times per month each. The multichannel approach expanded outreach and generated an additional 11% of email marketing revenue. 




Within three quarters the NIX team managed to satisfy all the client’s requests. We significantly improved customer retention through high email engagement, which resulted in the following outcomes for the brand:

  • Grew email marketing revenue by three times instead of the expected two times
  • Enhanced the email list size by 2.3 times
  • Increased the share of active subscribers by 35%
  • Improved the number of website sessions by 17%


8 Experts (Marketing Project Manager, 2 Email Marketing Specialists, Copywriter, 2 Designers, Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer)

Tech Stack:

Email Marketing Automation, Web Push Notifications, SMS

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