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Business overview

Unlock the full potential

We aimed to develop a mobile application for Android and iOS which allows users to operate the camera, unlock the full potential by enabling different shooting modes and powerful editor.

  • Best 360 camera 2019

  • Best of Design 2019

  • Best of Product 2019

  • CES Innovation Award Honoree

  • Best 360 Cameras 2019

  • Best of Design 2019


We had to develop an innovative product and help the client pave the way for success.

  • 01

    3D video editor

    Develop a 3D video editor with Little Planet effect, Cardboard mode and VR mode including various photo filters.

  • 02


    Assure constant connection between the client device (as an access point with separate WIFI) and mobile application.

  • 03

    Camera stability

    Ensure stabilization and tracking of the camera.

  • 04

    Video streaming

    Implement video streaming to YouTube and Facebook with dynamic video quality changes and the ability to use the phone as an intermediate link.

  • 05

    Firmware update

    Update the device firmware through the mobile app and ensure accurate operation with different firmware versions.

  • 06

    Video on the fly

    Provide the ability to edit video on the fly (when playing back) for high-resolution media.


Socket connection and the Protobuf structured data transfer protocol

  • Brick by brick, the team ensured a stable connection between the camera and mobile application. Using the socket connection and the Protobuf structured data transfer protocol allows channeling the commands from all mobile platforms to the device.

  • Concerning the updates, the mobile application checks and downloads the new firmware version from the client’s servers and transmits it to the device starting the update process.

Main features of the Vuze Camera app

  • Video stabilization and Google VR180 compatible format

  • “Director’s Cut” mode enables to change the viewpoint

  • Capture videos and photos in 3D 180 or 2D 36.

  • Ability to watch media or live preview with VR glasses

  • Create little planet effects, make color adjustments, add raudio

  • Choose resolutions: Photo 18MP, Video 4K/30fps or 5.7K/30fps

  • Crop VR media to a selected ratio, and create classical 2D format videos

  • Stream to Youtube and Facebook


Powerful video editor

  • The NIX team created an app with the hottest feature – the ability to make a 2D video from 3D / 360 ° footage. The application allows to view videos in Cardboard or Little Planet mode and make live-stream videos on Youtube or Facebook.

  • Also, the powerful video editor enables many fun features such as: to add artistic filters or effects, make color adjustments, add audio. It was a great adventure for us to develop such an innovative product and help the client to forge a path to success.

Tech Stack and Team

  • Tech

    Swift, Objective-C, OpenGL, CoreML, Vision, AVFoundation, ProtoBuf, PromiseKit, C++, JNI, FFmpeg, EGL, OpenCv, boost, NDK, Kotlin, Java, GVR, FreeType, glm, libyuv, XMP, Crashlytics
  • Team

    Project Manager, Business Analyst, 3 C++ Developers, 5 iOS Developers, 4 Android Developers, 3 QA Engineer
Duration 1.5 years and still in progress

Client Testimonial

  • ..highly professional work!
  • Ilya Kottel

    VP R&D at HumanEyes

  • I want to say thank you for the excellent, highly professional work, for your passion, and your time even on holidays and weekends. Your attitude ultimately led to outstanding results. And now we have a camera, which has no analogs yet. This camera is the only camera that shoots 180 and 360 degrees in resolution 5.7. Of course, it has shortcomings, but it is possible and necessary to work with. You have done the main work perfectly. The application for the camera, which you created in such a short time, turned out to be very functional and cool.

  • I think we have something to be proud of. I think we were a great team. I had a different experience. And even when my boss told me: “Come on, outsource!”, I answered him: “NO, PLEASE, I DO NOT NEED OUTSOURCE.” And here you are changed my world view radically. So keep it up. Continue to be such positive, productive, great guys that are easy and fun to work with. And continue with your excellent results.

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