Going North: Success Stories of Collaborating with Our Scandinavian Partners

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NIX is a large international company, which has clients and partners all over the globe. We appreciate each of them and are happy to work in such a diverse environment. Many NIX partners are located in Scandinavia, so we have a long history of collaboration with companies from the European North.

NIX appreciates this cooperation not only because of an opportunity to offer our clients cutting-edge tech solutions, which are usually met with huge enthusiasm but also because our northern partners let us face unusual challenges and successfully solve them. Today we decided to share some examples of projects we developed for Scandinavian companies and those of which we are particularly proud.

SmartGurlz — IoT Smart Toy

SmartGurlz™ is a line of user-friendly self-balancing robots and action dolls that encourage girls to learn to code. Connected via smartphone or tablet, SmartGurlz™ allows little women from the age of 6 and older to engage with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Country: Denmark
Services: Development, BA, QA
Business Domain: Education Tech, Game (IoT)
Tech Stack: Java, Objective C, JS, Google Blockly, JQuery, i18next, gulp, jСanvas, bootstrap, Qt 5.10

VOID and Wearcolour– e-Commerce Websites For Clothing Brand

User-friendly e-commerce websites with intuitive design and multi-currency payment system for Swedish cycling clothing and lifestyle brands.

Country: Sweden
Services: Development, QA, Project Management, Mark-up
Business Domain: E-Commerce
Tech Stack: PHP, jQuery, Magento 2, RequireJS, Underscore.js

High Load & Real-time Location Tracker

A brand-new social media tracking app that not only helps to trace everything you want but also will change your vision of reality. The app is synchronized with various GPS tracking devices made for pets, bikes, cars, keys, kids, and seniors. It allows a user to track his belongings or family members, and share his location with family and friends, or even hide it from everyone. The product is based on the latest GPS technology, combined with WiFi and LBS location tracking, which allows the user to know the most accurate position.

Country: Norway
Services: Development, Business Analysis, Project Management, Design
Business Domain: Geo Tracking and Logistics, Telecommunications
Tech Stack: BaaS Firebase, React/Redux, Java Spring Boot, Blue-Green Deployment, PostgreSQL+Master-Slave, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Mosquitto MQTT Broker, Docker, AWS, Rancher, Graylog, Prometheus/Grafana

On November 20-21, NIX will be exhibiting at Emerging Europe Nordic Summit demonstrating its expertise in developing and testing applications for various industries. We are looking forward to seeing you there. Don’t forget to schedule a meeting with us. 

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