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Business Overview

Our client is the nation’s largest independent construction specification consulting firm aimed to remodel the way construction specs are created and used in the U.S. The idea was to design a customized platform that embodies the transparent automated and collaborative creation of building documentation for all stakeholders-owners, architects, designers, and construction managers.

The client was looking for a tech partner to enrich their in-house development capabilities with the best tech expertise. They selected NIX as a reliable expert in digital platform and automation engineering.


The NIX team had to create a unique platform that had no analogs.
The solution’s functionality should embrace collaborative editing, revision management, advanced user access level system, and additional specific modules inside the one system.


With the NIX expert support, the platform solution was improved with the next mission-critical elements and steps to bring a new reconsidered approach.

Migration to a modern web app. Using our team’s extensive expertise, the company migrated its internal MS Word document-based processes into an advanced customer-facing web app with an automated workflow. The NIX team handled the entire system development that provides the next major components:

Ambitious module of collaborative editing

NIX engineers have contributed to the development of an easy-to-use management module. The functionality of this module is similar to Google Docs in the way of convenient online document editing, collaborative commenting, and revision management. It allows eliminating the need to spread static documents, collecting and coordinating disjointed comments through countless emails and phone calls.

Sophisticated comparison module

It’s perfectly tuned for stakeholders to automatically compare necessary versions from a huge list of technical documentation on demand, early in the project, or at any control point. The very module brings significant transformation into the approach.

Unique creating and updating module

The NIX team delivered a helpful module that simplifies the construction approach. The module allowed creating the standardized (UniFormat and MasterFormat) types of documents out of templates and then updating them in all existing documents linked to the project at the necessary points of the project lifecycle. This guarantees that the project documentation will always be the most up-to-date with the improvement of the industry.

Competitive module that transforms the construction specs approach

With NIX’s assistance, merging the two industry-leading standards (UniFormat and MasterFormat) became a reality. Combining the main classifying building components with specific organizing ones enables the client to optimize the construction process significantly. Moreover, it highly improves the construction quality, as Uniformat provides planning, which helps consider all backbone components due to its upper-level approach.

Advanced user access level system

The expert support we’ve been providing to projects helps create an additional security level of access that allows creating a copy of the functionality for similar firms but within this system. Thus, each firm inside the product knows everything about the information relevant to them, but nothing about others inside the client's system.


The client received an advanced, fully-equipped product consisting of customized, ambitious modules for construction businesses and exceptional access levels for firms interested in this driven functionality.
This tool allows the documents to be always current with the design progress, and the team does not need to duplicate efforts often and revisit decisions already made.
Our joint efforts resulted in impacting the whole industry ecosystem, evidenced by awards won by the client for an innovative approach to building specifications, including the Innovation in Construction Award (by CSI).

David Stutzman

President of Conspectus, Inc

"I enjoyed working with the NIX team because they are so attentive, listening, and questioning decisions about the development specifications. The questions absolutely make me think and make the product better."

  • Tech stack:

    C#, Azure, TypeScript, Javascript, ReactJS, EntityFramework, ElasticSearch, Redux

  • Team 11 experts:

    Project Manager, Business Analyst, QA Engineer, 2 Full-Stack .NET developers


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