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Business Overview

Panda London, a rapidly expanding B2B enterprise, operates an online store featuring home and bath products crafted from natural materials. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, they are committed to consistently delivering a seamless shopping experience.

In their pursuit of customer retention and acquisition, the client engaged NIX to revamp their current eCommerce website and mobile app. The objective was to enhance the overall customer experience at every stage of the transaction, attracting and retaining a larger customer base.

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Project Scope

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Conduct a thorough analysis of the data to identify areas for improvement in the existing website design

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Enhance website performance through the adoption of React and WordPress


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Improve user experience through optimized website speed and simplified navigation

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Create a modern and visually-appealing design that maintains relevance over time


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    Metrics & Conversion

    We used Microsoft Clarity to analyze user data, combining both quantitative and qualitative insights. This allowed us to understand how users interacted with the website, including their clicks, scrolls, and ignored elements. Moreover, we identified the critical pain points and shortcomings in the user experience, yielding invaluable insights for amplifying customer satisfaction.

    • Addressing item details issues. One specific issue we discovered through session recordings was confusion among users regarding item details such as sizes and materials. To address this, we redesigned the related section to improve its structure and consolidate all relevant information in one place.
    • Mitigating misclicks and user distraction. To tackle this issue, we developed a UI kit that aimed to ensure consistency and predictability of interactive elements, reducing user distraction.
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    Competitors Analysis

    We conducted an extensive competitor analysis, aiming to identify fundamental industry trends, similarities, differences, key features, and prevalent design elements that could be implemented. By conducting this analysis and incorporating our findings into the design, we ensured that the client can gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the competition.

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    Heuristic Analysis of the Mobile App

    The expansion of m-commerce is progressing consistently, leading to heightened competition and underscoring the importance for businesses to deliver an exceptional mobile experience to customers.


    With an emphasis on usability, a heuristic analysis is an evaluation technique wherein experts assess the design of a digital product against a set of predefined design principles. Conducting a heuristic analysis of Panda’s mobile app allowed us to identify and rectify various shortcomings in user experience, including gaps, inconsistencies, and instances where established heuristics were not met.

Accessibility Analysis

By incorporating general website accessibility guidelines into the initial design stages, organizations can broaden their target audience and enhance user experience by reducing pain points.

To ensure compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), we conducted a thorough accessibility assessment of the website to identify any inconsistencies and provided recommendations for improvements.

Recognizing the significance of consistency, we developed a comprehensive UI kit that addressed various aspects of the design. Let’s explore some key aspects:

  • Client’s goal: The ability for clients to effortlessly add elements/blocks without relying on a designer was crucial. However, this approach often led to inconsistency issues and a subpar user experience. To tackle this, we designed a detailed UI kit, ensuring consistency throughout.
  • Customer’s goal: By leveraging the UI kit and ensuring consistency, we established a solid groundwork comprising thoughtfully-designed UI elements and components.

We also took the user experience on mobile interfaces to new heights by fine-tuning usability, leading to a seamless and immersive journey.

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Panda London’s website and mobile app have undergone a contemporary redesign, resulting in a significant boost to user experience and a remarkable increase in conversion rates. The NIX team updated the design with intuitive navigation, visually appealing interfaces, and seamless functionality, all contributing to a more enjoyable and seamless shopping experience for users.

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3 UI/UX Designers

Tech Stack:

Microsoft Clarity


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