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Taxi App for Drivers With Real-time Data and Smart Maps

  • Business domain: Automotive
  • Project type: Mobile Application
  • Technologies: Kotlin, Java

Business overview

The company is a taxi aggregator that supports over a million users, with daily active users numbering about 200,000 and two separate mobile applications: one for users who seek taxis and another for drivers.
The client approached NIX to boost the driver app’s performance and reinforce the infrastructure.

NIX needed to:

  • Improve the motivation program for taxi drivers to conquer a more expansive audience
  • Enhance user experience, enrich app functionality, and make the app more user-friendly
  • Speed up the distribution of features


To improve the motivation program for the taxi drivers, the NIX engineers:

card photo
Developed an Android app from scratch that works as a video recorder, recording GPX tracks and sending content to the server. The app works as an auxiliary for the taxi service and provides an opportunity to improve routes' quality with the customer's backend.
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Enabled taxi drivers with the opportunity to get priority orders if they have a good rating or use a photo and video recording app for enhanced routes.

To improve the user experience for the drivers, the NIX team did the following:

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Integrated a map that can simultaneously display tens of thousands of objects on the map and allowed to adjust the number of taxi drivers in some city-regions.
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Provided taxi drivers with the ability to locate the customer on the map, increasing the accuracy of taxi delivery and making it less time-consuming.
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Added a feature that allows the user and the taxi driver to see the same route that enhances the security of the ride.

To speed up the distribution of features, we performed refactoring of the current Android app for drivers and developed a highly flexible multi-module architecture that ensures:

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Scalability to be developed simultaneously by a large number of developers and perform A/B testing on real users
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Ability to turn on or off specific features for users depending on the city or taxi company and ensure stability if some functionality fails
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Dynamic delivery, installing and removing parts of an application while running to reduce the application's space


The client received an upgraded taxi application that provides drivers with the most relevant information in real-time and shows various maps depending on the users’ locations and preferences. Moreover, the NIX team developed a new Android app from scratch for photo and video recording that captures road signs, traffic lights, and sends them to the server providing real-time data for the drivers.
All enhancements helped the client enter the market more quickly, acquire a huge client base in the million-person cities, and become one of two country leaders.

Team: 15 experts

Project Manager, Business Analyst, 3 QA Engineers, 10 Android Developers

Tech stack:

C++, Kotlin, Java, Crashlytics

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