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Business Overview


Business Overview

Our client is a large provider of telecommunication and mobile services in Eastern Europe. The company expanded their market share by launching an online store and a network of offline retail stores of household appliances and electronics. ​To increase sales in this new branch, the company needed to broaden its core brand association from a mobile network provider to a retailer of household appliances and electronics. 

The company utilized pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to boost sales, but ad campaigns were not yielding the expected results. The client turned to NIX, a team with vast experience in digital marketing, to optimize PPC activities and generate more revenue at a lower cost from this digital channel.

Project Scope

Since the company had already run paid brand promotion, our tasks were the following:

Banking app promotion comprised the following stages:

Audit existing ads in the Google Ads account, finding points for improvement

Create a step-by-step implementation plan to increase return on ad spending (ROAS) by 200% within six months


Optimization of Branded Search Campaigns


Optimization of Branded Search Campaigns

The audit showed that the PPC channel was not used to the fullest, as it didn’t work in favor of informing potential customers about the new line of business. Google Ads were shown only for branded keywords related directly to the company name  with the word “shop.” This approach helped to avoid irrelevant clicks and lower conversion costs; however, it further strengthened the association of the audience as an established telecommunication service provider.

To raise awareness of the client’s stores, we performed the following actions:

  • We increased the reach of the audience by promoting keywords of phrasal and exact match with the company name, without linking to the commercial component with words such as “price,” “order,” “cost,” etc.
  • To weed out users who are only interested in mobile communication services, we added thematic queries like “tariff,” “minutes,” “megabytes,” and the names of tariff packages to the list with negative match keywords.

Results were the following:

Branded traffic increased by 375%

Number of online purchases doubled

Smart Shopping Campaign Setup

Smart Shopping Campaign Setup

To increase sales of electronics, we launched campaigns via Google Shopping—a tool aimed at direct promotion and sales of items, displaying the product’s image and specifying its main characteristics right in the search engine.

To entice more customers to visit the client’s website and boost sales, we did the following:

  • Our team divided items by margin into two groups: high- and low-margin goods. We added missing features to the product feed, which describes the item in detail, such as shipping terms and refunds, and we optimized the product cards on the website to provide higher-quality feeds.
  • We launched standard shopping campaigns based on product feeds mentioned above placed across in Google search results.
  • After analysis of retail-centric metrics like revenue, spending, and ROAS, our experts set up smart shopping campaigns, leveraging automatic bidding for maximum conversion value at the given budget and placing ads intelligently across different Google placements to perform the best.

Results were the following:

Conversion rate of purchases increased by 400%

Cost per purchase fell by 3 times




The NIX team helped the client to inform potential customers about the new business line—retailing of household appliances and electronics. Due to advanced analysis and optimization of previous PPC activities and implementation of new tactics, we succeeded to achieve a 460% revenue growth and a 354% increase of ROAS within six months.


6 Experts (4 PPC experts, 2 eCommerce Specialists)

Tech Stack:

Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Keyword Planner, Google Smart Shopping


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