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Business Overview

Business Overview

Our client is a software provider that works on the learning management system (LMS) market, helping businesses in the educational sector become more efficient through digitalization. The company had the idea to expand their product line with a multi-tenant system for educational organizations, from K-12 to independent institutions. The goal was to meet the growing demand for remote learning services and offer a solution allowing tracking and measuring student performance—features missing in most existing products on the market.

Since our NIX team is well-versed in developing complex education software solutions and has extensive experience working with market leaders, the client turned to us for professional assistance.


Project Scope

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Project Scope

Our task was to create from scratch an LMS system equipped with powerful analytical capabilities available across all relevant devices, platforms, and browsers. The main goal was to monitor students’ involvement in the learning process, giving education institutions valuable insights for informed and strategic decision-making.

The main challenge was to make the system load-resistant and scalable since the number of students simultaneously participating in an online lesson can be unpredictably large.



Our experts developed uClass—a React Native-based system that works as a web platform and has mobile app versions with similar functionality. This versatility empowers users to choose the most suitable option for their education.

uClass operates as SaaS with multi-tenancy support and has a custom design that ensures intuitive UI/UX flow. Each tenant, be it a school, university, or other educational institution, has an administrator who can add different user roles—student or teacher—and manage their access. Students are grouped into classes and can participate in online lessons under the guidance of their teacher.

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Main Features

uClass offers full functionality for conducting lessons remotely while monitoring students’ attention and analyzing their progress.

  • Tools for Class Management
  • Flexible Calendar With Classes
  • Participation in Video Conferences
  • View Calls Analytics



Our client received a powerful SaaS system that effortlessly adapts to users’ preferences, providing flexibility in selecting a convenient platform for work. With its advanced capabilities, uClass effectively addresses the rising need for an LMS product that enhances the entire learning experience, which is crucial for educational companies’ success.

Through sophisticated analytics, teachers have access to valuable insights to monitor students’ progress and performance more efficiently. Armed with this valuable data, educators can seamlessly refine their academic strategies, ensuring a personalized approach that caters to the unique needs of each learner.

Overall, our solution helped the client expand their reach and win new market shares in the education domain by providing more capabilities to customers.

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11 experts (PM, Architect, Designer, 3 Frontend Developers, 3 Backend/Data engineers, 2 QA Engineers)

Tech Stack:

React Native, OpenVidu, WebRTC, Video Intelligence API, Speech-to-Text API

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