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Business Overview

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Business Overview

The client is a network of premium business locations offering private offices, coworking venues, meeting rooms, and event spaces for rent in the UAE. The company operated two business centers with a capacity of 100 people in the coworking zone and 70 office spaces.

The client had just entered a commercial property rental market in Dubai, which is highly competitive. They reached out to NIX as an experienced digital marketing vendor to attract real estate agents, event coordinators, influencers, and freelancers to rent out all of their premises with the help of digital marketing advertising.

Project Scope

Our goal was to perform an extensive research of a commercial real estate market and help the client obtain prospects, thereafter ensuring a minimum 80% occupancy of their spaces due to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Despite the fact that our main target audience was oriented towards medium businesses and freelancers, we set an ambitious goal to win big corporate clients as well.


We built our action plan to promote the client’s services based on three marketing tools: LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and our main focus, Google Ads. We launched campaigns, displaying engaging advertisements with USPs—like discounts for rent, underground parking, bar availability, etc.—to get a better conversion rate.

  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook Ads




NIX helped the client gain ground in the real estate market and achieve a 98% occupancy rate—instead of planned 80%—of their two offices in Dubai with a total capacity of 100 people in the coworking zone and 70 office spaces within one year. We managed to attract not just freelancers, small business, and medium real estate companies, but also big corporate clients.

Our client keeps developing fast and increasing its presence in the international marketplace, opening new offices in other countries of the Middle East. The NIX team continues cooperation with the brand, promoting their new locations. 


4 Experts (Marketing Project Manager, Team Lead PPC, 2 PPC Specialists)

Tech Stack:

Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads

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