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Business Overview

The client is one of the largest ski resorts in Eastern Europe with over 50 kilometers of ski runs and well-designed infrastructure for accommodation and entertainment of adults and children—hotels, SPA, shopping, playrooms, hiking, trekking, extreme recreation, and tours in the region. The company had a fast pace for development and strived to boost customer loyalty and repeat purchases, consequently growing revenue. The client reached out to NIX as an experienced vendor in digital marketing to increase its sales by building a retention marketing channel from scratch. 

Project Scope

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Project Scope

The company didn’t have a post-sale interaction with customers and didn’t collect new subscribers’ contacts. NIX’s goal was to build strong communication with user and thus enhance their engagement and generate sales by the following:

  • Audit existing contact base
  • Develop a strategy for improving and expanding the health and expansion of their contact database
  • Create a trigger communication map
  • Launch lead-generation email campaigns 


Contact Base Audit

Contact Base Audit

We analyzed the client’s subscriber database for the validity of contacts. This helped us find gaps and implement strategic ground steps on improving email deliverability and increasing customer retention. For this, our experts processed and cleaned an existing contact base of 45,000 email addresses, where just 30,000 contacts were verified. 

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Setup of Email Service Provider Account

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Setup of Email Service Provider Account

We set up an email service provider account and uploaded the contact database into the system after its validation to move customers and prospects through the buyer’s journey more efficiently. This allowed us to streamline and boost email marketing activities through automated subscriber management, segmentation, personalization, A/B testing, omnichannel capabilities, detailed campaign performance reports, and analytics.

Email Database Activities

Email Database Activities

To add new members to the email contact base, we added a widget on the client’s website with the message “Join the Ski Resort Club” and configured push notifications, enabling subscribers to receive newsletters with deals and promotions. By adapting the widget and subscription triggers to five languages on the website, we personalized communication and continuously increased the contact list.

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Trigger Communication Map Development

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Trigger Communication Map Development

Our experts created a trigger communication map for over 20 events, considering the optimal time for sending emails and how the scenarios will be combined with each other. A thorough email funnel had flexible and personalized settings for every scenario to avoid irrelevant and intrusive emails. Email could be sent personally, to a specific category of users, or to the entire subscriber database.

Main scenarios included but were not limited to:

  • Activation stage—double opt-in registration and service pages, welcome-push chains on seasons
  • Retention stage—abandoned cart, customer’s birthday, price decrease
  • Reactivation stage—reactivation for three and six months, and reactivation emails for children’s camp
  • Ski pass purchase—for those who haven’t bought a ski pass yet

Development and Launch of Email Campaigns

Development and Launch of Email Campaigns

The NIX team developed a wide range of email templates designed for different audience segments and needs to increase customer retention:

  • Welcome email series to introduce the brand and its services
  • Re-engagement email series to regain subscribers’ interest in the resort, offering perks and discounts
  • Promotional emails with newsletters, promotions, and specific offers for different seasons
  • Email series to introduce services for children’s recreation complex as a separate business branch


With NIX’s help, the client succeeded in generating 830 transactions from the email marketing channel within eight months. During our collaboration, the contact database has grown to 79,000 subscribers, with 49,000 newly added members and a 50% open rate of emails. Thus, the ski resort received a promising sales-generating channel.

We continue collaborating with the client, providing them with more revenue stream opportunities via digital marketing activities.


5 Experts (Marketing Project Manager, Retention Team Lead, Email Marketing Specialist, Copywriter, Designer)

Tech Stack:

Email Marketing Automation, Web Push Notifications, Email Service Provider

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