Spartan Camera – eCommerce Website for Wildlife Research

Project type: Website
Business domain: Retail & eCommerce

Technologies: PHP, Magento

Business overview

The Spartan camera – a wireless outdoor security camera is perfect for scouting, hunting, and wildlife research. The camera catches movement or timing images, then directly transfers them to the user’s email or to the mobile phone. It puts the user in control of his camera and allows him to view the pictures at once – not hours or days later. 

The client approached us to create an e-commerce website to expand business capacities with a new online store for his product.


  • Ensure proper data migration from the old platform to the new one;
  • Provide a flexible UI/UX design and guarantee handier use;
  • Implement Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication – a centralized login system to access its features and content.


First off, we transferred the data from the existing website to the new one ensuring proper synchronization and implemented Single Sign-On authorization to expand business intelligence.

Spartan Camera - E-Commerce Website for Wildlife ResearchBy implementing the authorization for the client’s website we provide a great way to increase user’s adoption and enhance UX. Also, it allows users to update their contact information or billing records and access the private website content.

Spartan Camera - E-Commerce Website for Wildlife Research


NIX provided a solution that helps the client to expand business opportunities. Using the website, every user has the ability to buy the latest products and download unlimited HD photos from his camera, view a status report, and update the settings. 

We designed a service that provides industry-leading durability and is perfect for the outdoorsman, private investigators, or business monitoring.

Team:  Project Manager, Back-end Developer, Front-End Developer, QA Engineer, UI/UX Designer
Tech: PHP, JS, CSS, Grunt, Magento 2, Varnish, Nginx, Mysql, Single Sign-On (SSO)