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Business Overview

Our client is a global publishing company that specializes in scientific and medical materials. They give clinicians, student interns, and healthcare institutions worldwide access to actionable medical insights. This allows researchers and healthcare experts to gain valuable decision-making information faster than ever and thus improve public health outcomes.

The client has a web platform with a variety of verified medical information, which they provide by subscription to hospitals, universities, libraries, and individual clinicians. Since their solution failed to cover all the customer’s needs, the company decided to empower it with more advanced features and also create a mobile application to ensure a more continuous user experience across platforms. To this end, they turned to NIX as a proven web and mobile software development expert with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry.

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Project Scope

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Project Scope

Within the project scope, our team had the following tasks:

  • Develop a cross-platform application for physicians and nurses
  • Enhance and support the existing web platform


To bring scalability and modularity to both solutions—the web platform and cross-platform application—we chose a microservice architecture for them. We also enabled optimized content delivery by creating a special interface layer between the back-end and front-end. This layer is responsible for converting back-end data into a format suitable for a website and mobile app display.

Below is a detailed scope of our solutions for web and mobile products.


Web Platform for Physicians & Nursing

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Web Platform for Physicians & Nursing

We updated a web platform that helps clinicians get consistent, evidence-based medical information in real-time. It has two distinct user roles—namely physicians and nurses—and offers them access to up-to-date healthcare information in multiple formats. These formats include full-text reference books and journals, point-of-care monographs, drug data, videos, practice guidelines, customizable patient education materials, and more.

During the development process, we did the following in order to improve the product and thus help healthcare experts stay abreast of rapidly expanding clinical knowledge:

  • Interface update to make it more modern and user-friendly

  • Platform maintenance to ensure its smooth operation

  • Creation of new features, including:

           1) The ability to add articles and other materials to Favorites

           2) Improved sorting by a large number of filters

           3) Autosuggestions when entering a query in the search bar

Mobile App for Physicians & Nursing

The NIX team developed a React Native-based mobile cross-platform application from scratch. Our task was to provide users with more convenient access to the features that the web platform already offered.

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MVP Mobile App Features

  • 1

    User profiles for physicians and nurses

  • 2

    Support for multiple authorization flows and corresponding user roles

  • 3

    Multi-format content with the ability to navigate through chapters in books, sections in magazines, etc.

  • 4

    Content search with sorting, filters, and autosuggestions

  • 5

    Video players for content playback

  • 6

    Editions for different countries: 6 for physicians, including a global one, and 2 for nurses. The choice of location affects the language of the interface and the proposed medical content

  • 7

    Favorites for adding selected materials to a separate section


The client received a full-featured React Native app and an updated web platform with enhanced functionality and scalability. Thus, the company closed a pressing need for its customers, who can now access the required point-of-care information on the go and on any platform.

In the meantime, we continue to work on supporting and enhancing these web and mobile solutions, which includes adding more features and ensuring a flawless user experience.


12 experts (Project Manager, Business Analyst, 6 React Native Developers, 2 QA Engineers, React Developer, full-stack React + NodeJS Developer)

Tech Stack:

React Native, Java, Angular, NodeJS, React

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